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Good evening everyone hope everyone is having a great and blessed tuesday
today we are irie gift shop are show casing one of the finest product our gift shop has to offer for little kids who love barbie dolls the barbie dolls are each individually hand made here in jamaica and they are made to represent tge jamaican culture and the beautiful little kids of jamaica as you can see from the pictures the barbie dolls are made with a unique touch of the carribbean and jamaica

As you can see they come in all different colours such as red purple pink blue green and lots of other colour combinations
these barbie dolls make a great gifts for all the little girls
for further detaila regarding price and shipping please contact us in the comment section
we also do offer free delivery within negril for orders over usd $50
thank you for your attention
shaun bhatija (iriegiftshop)

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Didn't know a Barie-ish looking yaad doll existed. I know about the talking doll though, that speak patois.