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located between the borders of hanover and westmoreland it is a 2 hour drive to mayfield falls one of the best clear fresh water falls in jamaica . Today im gonna be sharing some picture with everyone of my travel to mayfield waterfalls in jamaica FB_IMG_15888029880147981.jpg
it is usually not promoted much around tourism so it not really as busy as dunns river falls located in ocho rios .FB_IMG_15888031156546423.jpg
And since its not busy it has crystal clear and cool waters all around the year FB_IMG_15888031390295583.jpg![FB_IMG_15888031227802657.jpg](]
this water falls is located between lush green hills of hanover and westmoreland parishes.
Before the year 2004 the hike to the top of the falls qould take anywere from 1 and a half hour to 2 hours but because hurrican ivan devastated the island in 2004 and most of the water falls half the hike up the falls has be closed due to harzadous conditions since many of the big trees where broken and scattered along the falls.
now it only takes 45 minutes to the top of the falls where the trip is stopped because its considered dangerous to continue futher up the falls so u get to stop right at where they call it washing machine it is a section of the falls at the end of the hike where the water gushes in just similar to that of a washing machine..
with that said i hope anyone who comes to jamaica gets to experience this beautiful waterfalls during their trips its is well worth the time its a great place to go with family and friends and all loved ones..
thank you for your attention
with regards
shaun bhatija (iriegiftshop)

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sir i live here in jamaica and i have travelled to mayfield falls and lots of other places and yes the pictures are mine i do take pictures where ever i go for a break and i dont see why u guys are talking about blacklisting me when clearly its my photos and u guys are accusing me of plagarism and sir u are showing a travel tour company that uses other peoples pictures that others take during their travel and they use it to promote their tours please do notice all their pictures does it look like they have taken the pictures no they havent beacaue its people like me who travel to such places and take most and almost all of the pictures sir
please to notice that they are tour operators not a photography company they can never own my pictures or other pictures that they have used on their site to promote their tours
And sir please to take a look at all their photos they have literally used other peoples pictures to promote their tours its very clear and obvious sir so i request you look into it sir before u blame me of plagarism or other things
i repeat these tour companies here is jamaica always use other peoples work they never take their own photos because most of the tour companies here thats what they do sir so please look into that

Please head over to if you haven't already and chat with the team.

Then why have't you reported them to Facebook?

are you serious or are you dumb why would i report it to facebook in the first place i never knew that someone on facebook would post a picture that belonged to me if it werent specified by u guys on here . i am the person who took the picture i still dont see why i should report it to facebook i did not copyright the picture nor do i own a patent to it they did not use a picture of me they just used a picture that belonged to me which i posted publicly back in the day if a picture of me was used then i would report it because that would be identity theft .
and lemme make it very clear i never knew that picture would be used by someone else if u had not mentioned it to me so guess what i am not gonna try and prove nothing more to nobody if u wanna keep me blacklisted fine go ahead oh and u want to ban me right then go ahead oh and one more thing its not just sunshinedestiny tours that has my pic its two other tour operators that have used in other occassions so u expect me to walk atound reporting them for what to prove my worth to you fuck no i dont prove myself to nofuckingbody no more im a jamaican and why the fuck would i treat my own people bad by reporting them for petty shit like using a picture of mine and the source u mentioned was sunshinedestinytours ill give you another source i found that has used my pic the exact pic the 2nd source is tomlinson tours go check that out to wonder how comes they have the exact copy picture that posted its pretty amusing

and you need to do better reasearch here is a screen shot from my insta account since im a thief 18w2hn.png

go ahead a blacklist me and ban me now @hivewatcher

I don't think I have been there myself. I need to explore mi yaaad 😅. Would love blaze up a spliff and jump ina dat.

brother one of the best falls that deh yah yaad by far there is one more i soon post the pics when u come down make sure u link up brother

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sir i live here in jamaica and i travel a lot to these places and travel often so why are you talking about banning me without even knowing who i am or what i do

!hw unban

Blacklist suspended while account is being investigated.

Unbanned @iriegiftshop.