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today i am sharing with you guys a picture of negril from the top of the hill from westland mountain its a amazing view if u wanna see the picture properly view it in gallery mode and rotate the screen sideways or the broader way for a better view 20200508_173243.jpg took this picture few minutes before the rain started drizzling here on the hillside
rather deh pon a hillside where nobody nuh deh fi hurt you

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I know this guy and have met him in person, remove him from your watchlist now

This must be a mistake, he is a new user and may not be aware of certain things, why was he put on the list in the first place?

im gonna be using steem so if u dont see me back on here ill be on steem cause i cyan bother with fuckry and brother i really appreciate the help u are a great and good person and god will bless you always and brother do u use whatsapp if so please send me ur number would love to keep in touch

Damn, a nuff people dem run weh with these tings, while I understand they wanna keep the place a certain way, that comment on people post is not a good look and mek people wanna just leave and others don't event wanna interact. Respect yuh nuh bredda, give thanks fi di tip, and me deh yah anytime.

But if you can, go in the discord and holla at them, cause they don't seem to respond on comments. Clear the ting and just tek a breeze over at steem.

Shit how me a guh send me number without showing it here LOL. I can send it encrypted via memo, never done it, but can try.

brother mi tell this batty man say the pictures weh mi post of may field falls is mine i posted that pic on fb back in 2015 on a different account i had back then now mi never know say the some travel site post the same picture on their facebook page this battyboy going tell me say mi a plagarise and a call ne thief hive and the hivewatcher battyman them can f off for all i care mi make more hustling on the streets here now the problem im facing is i dont even know if my old account i active or not nor do i know if i remember the password and the worst part is i transfered all this pics from my old phone that got fucked and me try explain to the hivewatcher man say them toursite people dem never take them owm pictured which is true everyone know that and its not a lie cause me not even know say someone used the pic i post long ago

couple days ago one man cause the same problem with the monkey island picture and me tell the man off cause him say him a photographer and him are proffessional and when the man see say is a tour company weh use other people pics him take back him downvote and apologize

i feel terrified of this false accusation and i am not gonna be explaning myself any further to nobody brother cause them to fycking brite a call me thief them and them mumma cyan go suck them one another i shouldnt have to be proving shit for a meger 1 dollar that can buy shit or pay my bills here in jamaica