Appleton Reserve 20 year old rum

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Today i share with you oje of the most distinct thing i ran into during my trip to appleton estate a while back the Appleton reserve 20 year old rum that used to sold in a ceramic bottle with a cork cap it use to be one of the best collectors item and rare rum produced by appleton estate rum makers back in the 1960s and 1970s
it is said to believed that very few bottles even exist and it is believed to be bottled in a 12 year old ceramic bottle.
i was told by the friend of mine that it is so rare that it might cost me 1000 plus usd to get ahold of this rare rum
but i hope someday that appleton would consider bringing back a good aged rum in ceramic bottles as a collectors item as i am a avid lover of appleton rums as they do have a distinct flavour and punch packed in it..
Hope someday they bring this rare rum back so people in my young generation get a chance to get ahold of this kind of rum
thank you for your time everyone
have a great and blessed evening and weekend everyone

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Yes to rass I remember this. I used to teif out my father liquor and this was there lol! I think he still has the bottle.