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motion city grill and chill bar located on the westend is one of the best bars in negril unlike touristy bars it is a unique local bar a great place to chill alone or with friends located close to where i live wednesday nights its one of the best places to be they have a party and lots of local come out to have fun filled night where u can get to meet locals and make lots of friends as everyone is friendly 20200518_150455.jpg

but unfortunately even this bar has been no exception to the pandemic since the covid19 break out the government in jamaica has shut down all the bars here in jamaica
at this point there are hardly any place to hang out and chill hope this pandemic is over soon and this bar and all other places can open up and if u visit negril it is a must visit place when you are down here
have a blessed and great evening everyone @shanibeer this post is made on ur request will show u more of the local life soon

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Place need fi free up! #freeUpDiworld!

A true! It's a scamdemic/plandemic.
Take your rights back, people.