JAHM Token Offically moving to Hive + New ReggaeJahm Logo

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Greetings Hivians from all corners of the blockchain. In this post we'd like to introduce our new logo for Reggaejahm, formally Reggaesteem and also to announce the date that the JAHM token will finally be moved over to Hive.

New logo

At first we were planning to do a contest and let the community create a logo, but instead went with our designer we have worked with for years. We'd like to thank @justinparke for stepping up and creating a logo we could use in the meantime. We really appreciate his gesture and like his logo, but as he suggested, we got a professional designer to create the official logo. The logos below are in PNG format so they can be scaled to fit on cover art etc. If anyone needs other file formats and sizes, please reach out to us on discord.


JAHM Token finally moving to Hive

Our initial plan was to leave the JAHM token on Steem and wait around for SMTS/HMTS to see what that had to offer as we had other business to attend to in our personal lives, caused by the current situation in the world. But the community has been asking for the token to be switched over and we also feel it is the right time. We will slowly be working on other aspects of reggaejahm.

The Hive Switch date

The JAHM Token will be switched over to Hive on August 12th. Be sure to
cancel all sell and buy orders on steem-engine. Failure to do so will result in your tokens being lost. We will not be responsible for any loss that happens in the event that you left your tokens on the market. Be sure to tell others who may have tokens up on the market.


We hope all is well with you and yours and we would like to thank you for your continued support of the Reggaejahm community. Things have been quiet from this account and quiet in our discord. But we are here. We are a very small team only consisting of @miyard and myself @dmilliz at the moment. We really like to see how members of the community came and lifted our spirits and helped us navigate through the unknown.

As a Token of our appreciation we are sending out JAHM tokens to @shanibeer, @jk6276 as well as @justinparke, we can't thank you enough and this is just a gesture to show that we appreciate what you have done for the community.

I would also like to thank @barski who continues to believe in the vision and bring his positive energy and persistence to the community. He won't be getting any tokens 😄 as he has already made the best of the current situation and amassed quite a large amount for himself. Of course there are many others to thank, but these are the outstanding individuals we just had to give a shout out to.

Stay safe and stay blessed fellow Hivians.

Follow us on discord,
join the Reggaejahm community,
post your content via Reggaesteem.io
or use the tag #JAHM if your content relates to Reggae,
Caribbean or irie ( positive, uplifting ) content.

REGGAEJAHM_ icon.png

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That. Logo. Is.... 🔥🔥🔥

Thanks dude.🤜🤛 The honey come Hive association is a must!

I agree - it's fabulous!

Great news guys

Thanks for your patience man.

Hey guys, this is an awesome logo and very important news.
I'm very happy to know that some other aspects of the community are being resumed. It's good to know that the tokens will be moved.
I still have my tokens, in fact I just bought some more.
Visiting Jamaica is something I will do, and being able to use the tokens for that, in real life would be great. I've been a bit absent, but I'll be back in these corners any day now, full of good vibes.
successes, many more, I know it's a wonderful project, with spectacular people behind it. Congratulations, take care, that after all this happens, things will be much better.

Thanks for the great words. It is much appreciated. Time will tell how the tourism aspect of things works out but we will do our best to bring a service that will benefit many. It will take time and we are in no rush. Looking forward to seeing more of your content on the feed. Many blessings to you and yours.

Yes, we are very clear about that, tourism especially has been hit hard by this Pandemic, but I will always insist that we will come out of this stronger, and it will be much better.
I remain hopeful.
Blessings to the whole team, I hope you are well.

That is exciting news :) very beautiful logo, hatz off to @barski he introduced me to this awesome community :)Good luck Auguzt 12th.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Yeah I have seen you posting some positive stuff, Wanna let people know that type of content is welcome irie content = uplifting and positive contnet.

Thank you, much appreciated!

I like the logo. It's quality.
Great to see you landing on hive and pushing forward.
Time to jahm.

Thanks man, we are loving the logo too. Hope to see you posting some content in the community🎶. Blessings!

Greetings friends, this is the best news I have received in the beehive, I will return again to the paths of reggae music, I still keep my chips, I will be again to the rhythm of the trombone in Reggaejahm.


Thanks for the comment and look forward to see you posting in the community again. Blessings.

Blessings to the entire team I am very happy that you are already recovering from this crisis that affected us a lot but always giving glory to God for everything because all these situations help us to grow.

Thanks for the blessed words, not fully recovered but still moving forward on step at a time.

Interesting news, let's hope that we're not thrown under the bus by the Hive whales again... 🤣

HAHA or the bullet train. But hey, I got faith things will be good. But if not, sera sera 😂

Good news, looking forward to it.

Yuzeet! Mek we mek something out this fi yaad

Yuh done know. Had a feeling you was working on something. I know you mentioned taking a break, but I was like the bredren to quiet.

Done know have just move at the pace we can as other things in the mix, you know how the yard hustle go.

What fabulous news and very exciting :)
Thank you for the Jahm, that's very kind.
I wish ReggaeJAHM and everyone in the community an irie future!
😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

Thank you. We truely appreciate all you have done for the community.

Good morning, this is the morning that starts with good news, and today is that morning lol.
Yes, I do not mind, it gave me pleasure to struggle with the thought that everything was lost! Such a moment, the moment of victory, is worth a lot.
Please accept my blessings, I think that. your team and community will grow stronger!
Have a great day, everyone!

We thank you for your continued support, you never gave up on the vision. A true motivation to us. Good news indeed bro, we except your blessings and wish you and your fam all the best.

Many thanks. Also, I forget to ask - In what style is the song Follow God Kanye West performed? I can hear the notes of Reggae, is that right? I want to know if it is possible to publish a cover of this song as a reggae song.

Should I say...
About time too!

Well better late than never. We had to wait on our timing. Thanks for all your support.

Colourful and cool $JAHM logo

Thanks man, looking forward to bringing value to the block.

Congratulations with new stage. Perfect logo and perfect news! I believe in ReggaeJAHM!

Thanks man. Much appreciated. Keep on bringing the Jahms!

Give thanks for the kind words and the JAHM. I hald sold all my JAHM off as I thought things were cut and dry, but what a nice surprise to be back in the JAHM game.

New logo looks righteous, very catchy and still simple, looks good even when small. More time, bless up!

If mi did know me wouldn’t a give you 😂 a joke. Nah man have to give thanks, you step up and bring us a logo and bless us with good content when the grass dry and brown. Bless up!!!

Giving thanks I-tinually, no worries. Looking forward to this new chapter for @ReggaeJAHM.

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It is very nice. I will wait for the launch of Jahm prices. and will do tranding there.

Que genial que han retomado esta comunidad! Yo perdí la inversión que hice en Steem! Porque nunca vi aquí mis tokens pero bueno! Espero que esta comunidad tenga fuerza! Saludos!