I Made My 1st Blurt Power Up Today - It's A Good Investment

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@ Vimukthi has been doing to lot to make Blurt look awesome as an investment. Most of the community come from pre-fork Steem anyways. There were many great authors and devs there. Not saying there weren't bad actors, spammers etc. It was still full of people who know a lo about the world, tech, history, philosophy, spirituality, meditation, and all sorts of other things.

Transaction Fees Had Gone Low

  • Operation Flat Fee = 0.001 BLURT
  • Bandwidth Fee = 0.005 BLURT

These are very affordable numbers. I thought I won't need much liquid Blurt to keep around and made my 1st Power Up. It's not much. But it's a start.

Power Up.png

I've Been Earning Few Blurt Too

I know this sin't much and many users can drop more value with a single vote. But something is still better than nothing. Ot's totally ok to start from zero :)


Prices Have Been Good

At least a few people are seeing the potential and we aren't even in a bull market. Prices went up X5 for a short while. I'll take it as a sign of best is yet to come :)

Blurt Price.png

Wish Me Luck! - Have A Great Day!

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