Turning 3.608 Hive Into 33.280 (822% Gains) Hive With Hive Gaming - Quick Guide

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If you have a good game plan and perseverance, there are many places you can reach. Hive gaming is one of those places that can be super helpful if you know the numbers you are dealing with. I got these 822% Gains with https://dcity.io It only took me few seconds. I didn't even spend any of my real funds. I took my passive income that was worth 3.608 Hive on the market (4 Hive if the peg really worked) and made a small et with it :)

Already Making Passive Income (Hive)


Already Making Daily Tokens (Hive-Engine)


Current Market Value For 800 SIM


Market Value For Military Industrial Complex


Why I Keep Making These Bets

There are few good reasons for me to take part in this I'll make a small list:

  • It's a form of diversification
  • Cheapest card is still worth 1.090 Hive (2nd edition) 0.999 Hive (1st edition)
  • Most cards I gain have a value closer to what I spend purchasing them
  • I'm making Hive passive income
  • SIM earnings are pegged to 800 SIM = 4 Hive
  • The peg is about 90% successful and stable
  • I need minimal work & effort
  • Potential price appreciation for future.
  • Some cards like Military Industrial Complex provide additional income and/or benefits

It's only going to take a few clicks. Just go to "Buy" and select the amount of cards and which edition you would like. I use 2nd edition. You can get more info at https://dcity.io/info

I Have No Referral Links

You can start playing at https://dcity.io if you like. I have no direct gain promoting this. I'm just telling things as they are. I've done well today and I'm happy. I wish you the best too :)

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A job well done I must say. Don't look away from DEC either. There is always that beautiful 1000 DEC = $1 peg.

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Land sale announcement is really pumping DEC.

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Yes. I have been buying as much as possible without powering down anything. The best part is that the peg stays for the land pre-sale. You are literally buying dollars for pennies.

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