Moments Ago I Made It To @splinterlands Champion I League - Ask Me Anything (Open For 7 Days)

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I have been an investor of the game even before there was such a thing called gameplay. It has bee a long journey to come to where I am and @splinterlands cards + DEC is my second largest cryptocurrency investment potion. If you look back my articles you will see many investing writings claiming DEC to be both better and safer than buying AAPL stock.


The End of The Previous Season

I made it to Champion II last time and I thought of doing an AMA. But I though maybe I will wait till I can get to the top league. Here I am at the top of the pack. This is where I stood at the end of last season:

Splinterlands Season Stats.png

Proud Change This Season

This Season.png

I know that the season is not over yet. therefor my current 107 rank jump may change. It is still, better than last time. The best part is not much changed with my deck. Maybe I got luckier; maybe I got better at my strategy.

Ask Your Thoughtful Questions!

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