This is One Of the Greatest Free Investment Analysis Resource Of The Last Decade

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At least based on my few years studying the markets and looking for information I can confidently say that if you want quality research at great quantity without paying and fees, you will hard pressed to find anything that is better.

The S-1 Club

The S1 Club.jpg

The S-1 Club exists to provide accessible analysis of game-changing companies before they IPO.
We do that by bringing together the sharpest investors, operators, analysts, and academics to dissect the most significant S-1 filings. Then we share our thoughts publicly. All so you can be in the know, before the opening bell.

If you are not convinced about the quality, take a good read at this analysis on Palantir. It is the best analysis on the company I have found on the internet and it is all available for free.

The Generalist

The Generalist.png

Again, just click the link above and start reading some of the articles. Even just take 5 minutes to skim through an article and you will find tremendous value for $0. You can provide your E-mail if you want. Simply having the website bookmarked is enough for me.

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Thank you for letting us know about this service.

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I discovered it a short while ago. I kept finding some great reports like this one on Jack Ma's Ant Group and I couldn't help but write a post on it. I'm also a fan of as a free resource.

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There are quite a bit of articles and books to help with investment advice, also free, just a matter of searching and reading to see what could be applied to what you are doing and compare it to other articles to find the best to help you with investments and deciding when to buy in and sell.

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These are analysis on specific companies, their history business models and IPOs. I have found many great resources on and few other places, but they were about economics, investing strategies etc. This is much similar to a $2,000/Year newsletter at zero cost.

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You need to put email before reading anything?

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No need for E-Mail. Scroll down on for a list of articles and click "Let me read it first" on

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