Want Travel: Go to London Harry Potter Studio

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I thought only Harry Potter lovers would go ... Harry Potter Studio ^^

I know only Harry Potter, and I know Harry Potter, which I haven't seen since, but I knew about Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione, and Hegrid, and I thought about whether to go to Harry Potter Studio while planning a trip with my sister.

At first, don't just go ~ I don't like it ~ I fold it, but when I think of '_' again, I want to go to London again ... I changed my mind.

And with my older sister, I started traveling to Harry Potter in the first episode, and I went there.

Harry Potter is famous all over the world and is so popular that there are people coming to London to go to this studio.

So it's good to make a reservation in advance! We chose it because it was cheaper to go with a train ticket at another ticket site than to make a ticket on the official website.

In order to go to Harry Potter Studio, you have to take a train and take a shuttle, but those who are inconvenient to transfer are told to book with a travel agency and travel by bus.

But the downside is that you have to come out on time! There was a time limit that I couldn't start even if I saw it all, but couldn't see more when I saw it less.

My sister and I said do not fit our travel style "railway ticket + Harry Potter studio" so purchased in advance.

The dragon you see as soon as you enter the entrance ~ Be sure to see Harry Potter before you go!

It seems as much as you know ... If you didn't know, it would have been no fun.

How are you looking? Isn't this it? uh? This is it !!! I saw it like this :)

My sister goes to Griffindor by herself and starts 2 stations per person hahahahahaha

There are so many accessories, such as canes and uniforms, that are never available in Korea, so Harry Potter fans were really excited.

Watching one by one ... a very informative time when the scenes of the movie came to mind ㅠㅠ

It was a pity that I couldn't watch the movie until the end because of lack of time.

Harry's room ~ Does anyone know? Everything was amazing!

I didn't take many pictures, but the picture on the left is where Hogwarts students gather and eat! My sister is standing next to Hagrid's house.

It is well divided by zone, and how did you film it wherever you go? It was made! Because the video is also coming out ... Ah ... Harry Potter just thought of the story and thought it wasn't a movie to watch ...

Harry Potter is a 9 and a quarter platform that only knows Harry.

It looked like reality in front of my eyes ... No matter how much I enter, I can't enter with my sister and me ^^

After passing the train to Hogwarts, I was saying that I am too hungry now! Perfect food code

Actually, I thought it was going to end here, but when I saw it, it was time to take a break.

I'm so hungry that hamburger ~ sister has a beer ~

It's too bad that I didn't have many photos because I took a lot of videos ... OK

It was a fun and informative time that I would have liked if I hadn't gone.

Even if you're not a Harry Potter fan, if you like the movie itself! It might be a good place to go once!

But before you go, watch and go!

Happy Harry Potter Studio ~~~~~~~~~ It was fun.

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