Visiting Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park in Bali

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Hi everyone. Today I would like to continue our travel story in Bali. As I was telling before about a great hospitality in Bali Sunset Villa in this post. After having breakfast we were heading for Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Pak which is located in Uluwatu. 

Our driver drove so carefully. We enjoyed everything we saw along the way. Bali is a beautiful island. I’n fallen in love with Bali. I believe everyone who visit Bali, he/she will have some unforgettable moment in Bali. Trust me. 

Upon arriving there, our driver headed to a parking area. It’s located so far from GWK Cultural Park. So, we should take a vehicle to reach there. This vehicle is free for visitors. We were so excited. 

Upon arriving in the area of the park, we got down from the vehicle and walked to the ticket counter. I found a nice ornament on the garden. There are some big artificial eggs. I show you a picture of the ‘egg’. 

After walking about there minutes, we arrived at ticket counter. It was so quite. Not crowded. Thus, we have no need to cram to buy tickets. 

There was a foreign couple who were waiting for ticket. He looked so happy. But it seems she’s hiding something important. 

I think it was a perfect moment for us to visit the place since there were so many people. I bought 4 tickets. Two tickets for both my children and two tickets for us. The price of thickets is different for adult and children. The price of ticket is IDR 1,22,000 and IDR 100 g m. 

After the tickets were on my hand, we walked to front of three statues. We stand there to have some picture. I have no idea about what their name were. 

After taking some pictures, we walked to entrance of the GWK. To reach Garuda magnificent Statue, it’s better to take it now. 

I was so enjoyful and excited because The Golf Car.

Along the way to Garuda magnificent statue, we enjoyed everything including the cutting huge stones. 

Finally we arrived at Garuda park. It so big. So wonderful and magnificent. 

We entered the building and taking some picture there. It’s a nice cultural place. Many tourists come to visit this destination everyday. I just shot an unique ornament. The ornament is located not so far from the gate. 

After enjoying the Garuda statue and building, we took Golf Car again. The vehicle took us down to other cultural places and events. And I stood there with coral stones as the background. It’s so wonderful view. 

I took also some other pictures in different areas of GWK. 

And my son stood there with Garuda Statue as the backdrop. He looked so excited. 

And I show some pictures for bonus. Hehe... No. it’s just kidding. Actually... 

Thank you for watching. Hopefully you enjoyed my travel stories. 

Thank you so much.


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