A Tale of Two Priories

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Is this my last post on the STEEM block-chain?

Who knows what’s going to happen in the next 48 hours. There are rumours that the United Kingdom will be put on lockdown from Thursday evening.

...'The Ruins of Lindisfarne Monastery'...

It’s just as well that I have planned a solo Urbex session tomorrow with a couple of places in mind that should be ‘Tales’ and not ‘Fails’ if all goes well.

Talk about stockpiling. I'm getting my photographs and stories in before 'Boris' puts the clappers on us! After that, it will be tours of my back garden in Technicolor.

But for now, I have a few snaps of the north-east of England that are none too exciting but will post them anyway.


Lanercost Priory

As with every other tourist place in England during January, the ruins of Lanercost Priory were firmly CLOSED. I know closing ruins kind of tickled @joshman, 'how can you close ruins’, they are well… ruins!


Despite this devastating closure we still walked around the edges as there was little else to do besides eat at that crappy café close by.

Lanercost Priory was founded by Robert de Vaux between 1165 and 1174, the most likely date being 1169, to house Augustinian Canons. It is situated at the village of Lanercost, Cumbria, England, within sight of Naworth Castle, with which it long had close connections.


Even for my standards, this is pretty old. The ruins we have close to home are more in the 15th century. How much of it is the original stonework I wonder?


They always seem to be doing work in these old places. Scaffolding is a common sight.


…'the graves are old, but old gravestones covered in slime and moss really don't do it for me'…




After a walk around and @bingbabe trying her hand at climbing which I suppose is more akin to Urban Exploration, we left a little disappointed.


If you have to pay to walk around that, there better be something really good inside. That's all I have to say about Lanercost Priory.


Lindisfarne Priory

Where do you go when the castle is closed? The priory of course, which is also closed.


At least I got a couple of decent snaps out of this one.


It was a short walk through the town that brought us to these Medieval monastery ruins (cover shot)


We couldn't get any closer, climb on them or swing on them as they are roped off. Just as well as I did feel like some climbing. Boredom does that to me.

At least the lighting was good that day though these seem a little dark?

The monastery of Lindisfarne was founded circa 634 by Irish monk Saint Aidan, who had been sent from Iona off the west coast of Scotland to Northumbria at the request of King Oswald.


This priory dates back to 635AD according to this sign, now that is old. Did people like to isolate themselves on Holy Island even then?


There was some old bloke was hanging around in the gardens, and even though it stated, 'no walking on the grass' I did anyway.


He didn't seem to care and I wanted a shot of this tomb or whatever it is.
There was yet another warning about the North Sea which I found somewhat amusing.


That’s it from me today. See you all soon in the land of the Hive!



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You mean you aren't on lockdown! Heck, I haven't been out the house for two days and am in full work from home mode!!

If only I had some work, I too would be putting my feet up and watching Bullseye while drinking my can of Kestrel, eating a Big Mac and farting every now and again to alleviate the wind.

...'living the dream'...

Ah yes.. life is good for some!

Stay out of the black and into the red, Nothing in this game for two in a bed

Ah, Bullseye. That takes me back. Way back.

Life seemed much simpler then :OD

The Walking Dead series is becoming reality., so to speak.. well a bit... minus the zombies ;)

for now...


I’ve got a fishing trip planned for next weekend so Borris better think again. Mayr I should email him, sure he’ll understand 🎣 Nice post and I’ve got a mental image of bingbabe standing on your shoulders peeking through the windows 😂

Get all your shit done today, tomorrow there will be cops on every corner with guns who are somehow immune from CV-19.

They are closing us down here. Food is all take out now. To be honest, being a homebody doesnt bother me much. Especially as it warms up. Looks like a lot of kayaking and fishing (especially if the shelves are bare) are in my future.

I couldn't buy bread yesterday, not the regular stuff. I went to three stores and all were bare. They say there's no shortage of food on the news.

I had to get some jalapeno with cheese bread as that's all that was left. Quite tasty!

Wait until in America they start shutting down national forests!

The world is going nuts, and probably will get worse before getting better!

Wow, what a way to go out! These are some of the best shots you have taken to date. This looks like they were a couple of really cool places to visit. Maybe there wasn't much to see, but just to be so close to the history would be cool.

Yeah, I like history these days, it comes with getting old I guess!


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THese are beautiful photographs - are they as taken or have you used a filter on them? Some look ever so slightly neon :)

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Yes, both still going.