Tales of the Urban Explorer: St Andrew's Church

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I was under no illusions about St Andrews Church. There was no way I was going to get in that place.


You see I'm a little cursed when it comes to 'places of the lord'. I approach the building and this happens…..

Even if there's an access point, shutters materialize out of the ether, holy hammers with no hands to guide them knock nails in and a booming voice descends on me…


So you understand now, that I am simply unlucky when it comes to churches?


This was another ‘maybe’ I found from www.derelictplaces.co.uk and happens to be in the hometown of our very own @ashtv.

I reckon he might be looking to use this location for his next death metal video. It would be very fitting I say.

I always try and find my best exterior shot for the cover. It would have been mightily impressive except for the damn lamppost.


Like most of my writings, I am not going to reveal where this or how to get in, that's the whole point of this. Do your own homework; you might find it fun.

Going up these steps, however, is not the way in. You can have that one for free.


The real way in is a little precarious and needs some balancing skills. This hobby of mine does keep me a little fitter than being a couch potato. There are some health benefits if you ignore breathing in asbestos regularly.


Is this place being renovated or are thieves stealing the floorboards? I’m not entirely sure, but large sections of the floor were quite threadbare.


Most of the church pews have also been removed; it must have been full of them at some point in time.


The ones left are, as usual, full of pigeon shit. Speaking of which, the pigeons were extremely vocal in St Andrews Church.

Talk about possessive about their territory!


…’did I walk on these dodgy looking planks? Well.. yeah I had to get a little closer for the stained-glass window shots’…



I did like this burnt paper on the plinth, and yes I did tee it up. It was originally lying on the ground amongst all the shit.


That’s ‘Dizzy Discovery’ posing with the hat. You can see his stuff here, and he’s already covered this church.




There was precious little in the way of artifacts in St Andrews Church but to me it was great. I was no longer a ‘Urbex Church Virgin’. You always remember the first time right?

A teenager clambered in while we were mooching around. I told him that we were no threat but he backed off quickly and was gone quick as a flash.

…’some kids just don’t want to share… hmmmpppphhh’…


St Andrews Church has its moments and I felt I obtained a few good shots during the 20 minutes or so we were inside. I never spend too much time in one place; we had NINE others to get through that day!



There’s a rope there but no bell attached to it. I didn’t pull it as that may have meant the whole place may come down on top of us.




Predictably there were references to Satan. I am no bible basher but the graffiti is kind of tasteless in a place like this. No doubt a couple of years ago the inside would have been a lot nicer.


This window has survived simply because you have to balance on dodgy beams to get close enough to get a good snap.


Many of the other stained-glass windows were only partially intact. The vandals have been in here a few times.


I wonder if that teenager was one. He did look harmless but you never can tell.



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I assume this church belongs to The Church of England?

After a little digging (there's not much history on this one), I can confirm it was Church of England.

I didn't think the state would leave a Church of England site that derelict. Not even selling the property, huh?

I have seen two more than are for sale. At least one was an ex-Catholic church and I have tried 3 times to get in. It's selling for around £85,000 which includes the massive church + graveyard.

The one isn't even up for sale. If it's a listed building they will have issues demolishing it.

I wonder what the story would be behind that building.
Great shots that you have here.

Thanks.., it's a victorian church so not as old or as grand as some of them. There's no large bell-tower in this one.

One day, if Lord Almighty allows, I'll get in a larger one and explorer the tower.

Been in a few towers this side my friend, as many old and historical churches were built here. Have some photos somewhere and will have to send a search party into my photo caves.

Just make sure that when you are up there, that some prankster doesn't pull the rope, as the bell's sound will drive you further around the bend Lol.

Blessings and take care!

Only a matter of time before it is demolished, or is that not allowed?

You paint an interesting perspective of my homeland.

I can see you are from Australia, but were you a native of the UK once?

I was, in another lifetime I lived in Milton Keynes.

Lot's of great architectural detail there. When will you be producing your coffee table book?

When will you be producing your coffee table book?

I would love my own website, so I can have a digital coffee table book. It's crossed my mind... maybe one day.

It would be great!

This is a great post but I can't believe you didn't pull the rope!!!!
The burnt book. It would have been better had it been a bible but I wonder why a copy of the Guardian 2009 Children's Book of the Year, Grandma's Footsteps by Rachel Anderson was lying, burnt out in an old church? The plot thickens.......except it doesn't, it simply turns to ash.

Guardian 2009 Children's Book of the Year, Grandma's Footsteps by Rachel Anderson

I can't say I looked so closely at the only bit of paper I could find. The bibles were gone, not a one in sight!

That rope..! no chance!... :)

You had a chance to act out a dodgy '80s speccy adventure game.....
READ the paper
PULL the rope
RUN like fuck

Such a sweet looking building...seems it could be used again perhaps for something.

It could be.. nobody seems to want it.

Love it though man. I might have to have a look at that place if it’s still standing by the time I get to it.

The temptation to pull that rope though..

Oh... it's still there. You could go get your 'daily exercise' and have a look! Careful with all that gear of yours... the floor may collapse.

Always fancied living in a converted church. A few chapels around here are now occupied and many have turned out beautifully.

How about having a graveyard for a garden? As these are listed buildings, there's little you can change about them. I think that's why they sell for relative peanuts. People don't want to have a liability on their hands.

It's always the harmless ones!!

Good placement of the paper, I would have done exactly the same. You should have drawn some arcane symbols next to it :0)

He looked like he could have been the next Jeffrey Dahmer. Bloody weirdo!

If he looked like that I am surprised you didn't leg it first!!

He was quite geeky once...


Psycho hair!!!

Wow, what a cool old building. We have a place south of me called St. Andrews that is a concert hall. This reminds me a lot of another place I visited that used to be a church and then they turned it into a night club. I am not quite sure how they got away with that and I am a little shocked that I didn't burst into flames the moment I passed through the doors, but it was a cool building. I don't know if it is still open.

I am a little shocked that I didn't burst into flames the moment I passed through the doors

@bozz, I didn't know you were the devil reborn? Is this like passing holy ground for the tainted ones? ;)

Quite the opposite, but the fact that I would enter a holy building that had been re purposed as such made me hesitant :)

What a waste of a beautiful Chapel to let to fall into the that state. I'm sure there might be people who would be willing to turn it into some sort of accommodation if the location was OK

if the location was OK

It's right next to a Costa, good if you like coffee and churches!

Oh no...You'll be smited by the all mighty smiter for this one. Great pictures though and I'm guessing your greenhouse has some new stain glass panels ;)

Not sure how I escaped alive. I thought the lord almighty had it in for me. You don't know how many I have been too and failed.

You find the ruin, I’ll bring the goths

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It's forever, for some reason
after the building is not in use
someone has to come there and smash something or paint graffiti there


By the way, you said that you couldn't go in, then how did you go in?

I often find posts about abandoned buildings in your blog
Аbandoned buildings is your special love:)?