Spring walk along Krestovsky Island at sunset

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This walk took place in March this year. It was a day off. I sat at home doing household chores.

The day was sunny. Anyone who has lived in St. Petersburg knows that this can be rare. After a long autumn and winter, a sunny day is very pleasant. Therefore, I decided to use the opportunity provided by nature and go somewhere for a walk to take pictures of the sunset landscapes.

While I was packing my camera and getting dressed, I was thinking about where to go, and my choice fell on Krestovsky Island. The fact is that I have long wanted to go there. On the one hand, because I was there once upon a time and I know that now a lot has changed there. I wanted to visit the new embankments and beach areas. And I also expected to see how the Lakhta Center looks from Krestovsky Island.

In general, I got into the car and hit the road. Arriving on Krestovsky Island, I saw that the entrance to the parking lots, to which I was heading, was closed. Having driven around the island, I realized that all the roads leading to the stadium were blocked by the police. Apparently, on this day, the Zenith football match was held at the stadium.

Then I had to find a parking spot near the police cordon and walk towards the Gulf of Finland on foot. This changed my original plans, but I was not going to give up the walk altogether.

So, leaving the car in the parking lot, I took out my camera and went on foot around the island. My attention was drawn to the ducks swimming in the icy water. And I must say that on this day a strong and very cold wind also blew. So you don't know where the ducks were warmer ...


A lot of parked cars indicated that there were a lot of people on the island. And this is in such and such weather. This once again confirmed my suspicions that a football match is taking place today.

The sun was bright, but with such a cold wind it did not warm at all.


Having covered a fairly long distance, I came to the Rowing Canal. As far as I understand, sportsmen kayakers train here. The channel is quite long and I have a long way to go. I decided that from this point on the island I would only be able to reach sunset to the coast of the Gulf of Finland behind the stadium, the roof of which can be seen in this photo. Although initially I was going to start the walk from the other side of the island, where a new embankment has been created.


I didn't have much time and I set off with a quick step towards the stadium, simultaneously filming its silhouette in the sun.


An asphalt path led along the canal. In general, I paid attention to how everything is well-groomed here these days.


To the right was some interesting modern building. Then, on the way back, I found out that this was some kind of boarding school for girls, pupils of the Ministry of Defense. All I could see through the tinted windows was that everything inside is as modern as the building itself looks from the outside.


I was approaching the stadium. This is the very Zenith Arena stadium, or rather the Gazprom Arena. So it is correctly called. This is the stadium that hosted the 2018 FIFA World Cup matches. I saw the stadium that was here before. I must say that the new building looks impressive. Sometime in late autumn, I drove past this stadium in the dark. It was a great sight.


An expressway called the Western Expressway passes by the stadium. In the last photo she is barely visible. And the next photo shows her huge supports, to which I came.

Here the rivers Malaya Nevka and Bolshaya Nevka merge into the Gulf of Finland. And from the Zenith arena across the river a large pedestrian bridge is laid. Many people were walking across the bridge. By the time I got here, the football game was over and the fans went home.

And behind the bridge one could already see the Lakhta Center skyscraper, which was one of my goals on the island.


These are the huge supports that support the Western High-Speed Diameter. It was interesting to realize that a stream of cars is rushing over you at a speed of over 100 km / h.


Bypassing the stadium, the sidewalk led me to the open embankment of the Gulf of Finland, from where there was an excellent view of the Lakhta Center.


It turned out that at this time of the year the sun sets not directly behind the Lakhta center, but much to the left, over the Gulf of Finland.


But in any case, I was lucky that day with the sky. After all, it was one of the rare sunny days at this time of the year.


Having reached my goal, I went along the embankment and began to shoot a lot. But I'll tell you about this next time.

Nikon D5000 + Sigma AF 17-50

I strongly recommend to open the photo in a separate tab to appreciate it.

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