What Is The Easiest Entry-point Into The World Of Digital Currency And Blockchain Technology? Steem, Hive, Tron, ETH, BTC, EOS?

This is an interesting question and one that doesn't have 'a tangible resource' yet across the global web, so i am deciding to cover the subject as a 'legitimate illiterate'.

I did a recent live-stream session on YouTube and the question above was the most FAQ. 

See video:

In this short publication, i will try to answer the question: "What is the easiest entry-point to the world of digital currency and blockchain technology?"

After having used a variety of blockchain technologies, i have established that 'application-specific blockchain(s)', specifically those built to host 'social-media/content-based applications' constitute the "easiest entry-points", when it comes to understanding 'blockchain technology & digital currency'. The oldest example of an application-specific blockchain, specifically built to host social media applications is the 'Steem blockchain'.

Having said this, start your journey into 'the world of blockchain technology & digital currency' by signing up for a Steem account on 'https://signup.steemit.com'

Note that the Steem blockchain has a variety of social-media apps built on it, 'steemit.com' being one. 

However, having signed-up for a Steem account successfully, with this 'one Steem account', you will be able to log-in and use any other application that exists on the Steem blockchain. 

You can find a list of niche-based social-media applications already built on the Steem blockchain by visiting this URL: https://steemapps.com/

As we proceed, i will like you to take note of the term "social-media" as this unique attribute of the Steem blockchain is the reason for which i have established it as "the easiest entry point into the world of blockchain technology & digital currency".

Now, also note that while it is possible to build other genre of applications on the Steem blockchain besides the "social media" type (e.g financial-based applications like those related to 'gambling, gaming etc'), these applications too usually maintain a "social" paradigm, due to the social nature of the Steem blockchain. 

Yes, this very unique "social" property of the Steem blockchain makes any steem-based application an 'easy entry-point to the world of blockchain technology and digital currency'. How so?

Imagine for instance, that you wanted to learn more about "VISA" (a finance-based enterprise) and its inner-workings e.g 'how VISA processes transactions, its fees, third-parties, secrets etc'. For the most part, you have established these other aspects of 'VISA' as being 'too complex' and as a result, you have used 'VISA cards' mostly to pay for services etc...

Now, let's also assume that "VISA" wants you to know about them too but they are short-staffed compared to the millions of 'visa card' users and can't maintain an educational infrastructure. What happens if they decided to setup an entire 'social media platform focused on 'VISA'? Imagine how many more things you quickly learn about 'VISA' even passively, just by signing up to use this social media platform, where most of the users are 'visa card holders' and most of the interactions are related to 'VISA'. Imagine how many disputes will be solved right on this platform without the need for 'customer support', especially where 'VISA' decides to reward interactions on this platform with say 'money, discounts, freebies etc'. Now, imagine how much more organic attention to 'VISA' this particular social media platform will stir, especially where content from this platform is let to 'serve the search engines'. To conclude, imagine how much more attached people will become to 'their visa cards' by virtue of 'this VISA social media platform' in comparison to once when 'their visa card was mostly just another financial card', like mastercard or american express. (Lol, i just gave you another innovation-model to look into!)

The 'VISA' scenario above highlights exactly 'what the Steem blockchain constitutes in the entire world of blockchain & digital currency'. 

Steem was the very first application-specific blockchain, built for 'social media applications'. Even till date, other existing blockchain(s) in this particular niche came from Steem e.g Hive (a fork of Steem) 

Yes, another 'easy entry-point to the world of digital currency and blockchain technology' is Hive. Where you have time, visit 'https://signup.hive.io' and get an account on there too!

Hive.blog is similar in its dynamics to the Steem blockchain since it is a hardfork of the Steem blockchain and owning 'one Hive account' enables you to sign in and use any of the applications found on this URL: https://hivedapps.com

Speaking of other blockchain technologies (e.g Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.), those that aren't built specifically for "social media"; while these also constitute 'entry-points to the world of blockchain technology and digital currencies', are they "easy entry-points"?

Let's discuss this a bit...

Till date, you will noticed that people mostly know of "Bitcoin" as a trade-able digital currency. Now, there is another layer of people who decide to understudy it deeper only to realize that Bitcoin has an underlying blockchain which stores transactions (data), then they go to find out that 'bitcoin' can be used at thousands of online-stores to pay for goods and services. A few others have gone a step further, exploring other use-cases for bitcoin besides 'its use in financial services' and have even attempted to create 'social media platforms' that use bitcoin as a reward-mechanism, with limited success though as bitcoin isn't built for 'social media'. (For instance, attempting to reward 'content' with bitcoin is 'too expensive' because of bitcoin's transaction-fees/slow-speed or attempting to create a micro-payment system that allows users to pay (with bitcoin) to consume content, will not work either due to bitcoin's transaction-fees.) Now, there is another few (mostly geeks) who have large capital and who take the route of running a copy of the bitcoin blockchain on gigantic physical infrastructures, for BTC rewards.

As result of all the aforementioned barriers, 'Bitcoin is a complex entry-point to the world of blockchain technology and digital currency'. Most participants in the Bitcoin ecosystem thus, mostly look to trade BTC (the digital currency) or spend it; while only a few get to really know about its blockchain. 

Without an "easy entry-point", bitcoin becomes known mostly as "for traders and geeks"

Ethereum is another popular digital currency with an underlying blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain introduces an especial feature called 'smart contracts' enabling programmers to build a variety of applications on it. This blockchain also enables people to create their own digital currencies, which become known as Ethereum-based tokens.

Now, it is true that the Ethereum blockchain already has many applications built on it but the Ethereum blockchain isn't specifically built for 'social media applications'. Like Bitcoin, its transactions also have fees and neither are these transactions instant. 

Take a quick look at the screenshot below to gain insight into the top applications built on the Ethereum blockchain (also seen on 'https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/eth'):

It is quite obvious from the screenshot above that the area of focus when it comes to 'applications built on the Ethereum blockchain' is not 'social media'. The top apps seen above range from 'gambling >  games > financial services'. 

While these types of applications also constitute 'entry-points into the world of blockchain technology and digital currency', these aren't very "easy entry-points". 

For instance, even if you were a gamer, how much would you learn about 'the blockchain industry at large' from playing one Ethereum-based game? Can you even learn much about any other thing in the course of playing a game?

Now there is "Tron", another popular blockchain. Like Ethereum, its blockchain offers 'smart contracts' capabilities while focusing on scalability in terms of 'easy account-creation, high transaction-frequency etc'. 

Ofcourse, focusing on these areas removes 'barriers to entry' from the 'world of blockchain technology and digital currency' but only to an extent.

Note: Tron also allows users to create their own Tron-based digital currency but these "entry-points" are quite complex to navigate without a "social paradigm"; a paradigm that takes cognizance of the regular social user.

See once again the screenshot below, to see some of the top applications built on the Tron blockchain (also seen on 'https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/tron'):

Seeing that most of the top applications on the Tron blockchain are in the industry of 'gambling', which is mostly premised around ROI; how much would you learn about 'the world of blockchain technology & digital currency', when you are at the losing end (assuming 50% of gamblers lose)? How many people gamble in a bid to learn about blockchain technology? 

As a result, TRON becomes known mostly for its digital currency, "TRX" (and its price) and this shows as it is a top-ranking digital currency on 'coinmarketcap.com' (Coinmarketcap is a site that ranks digital currencies according to their market value).

Then, let us take a quick look at EOS, another very powerful blockchain that has many applications already built on it. EOS has very fast transactions-speed and zero transaction-fees. It also offers users with the capability of creating their own EOS-based digital currencies. However, unlike the Steem blockchain, it wasn't built specifically for 'social media applications'. Thus, it doesn't do enough to cater to the 'regular social user' but targets larger bodies like enterprises (with large capital). This is evident in the expensive 'RAM, Network and CPU requirements' to use the network, which may hamper on 'social experience' for the regular user.

Further evidence of this is seen below (also seen on 'https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/eos'):

Once again, most of the top applications built on the EOS blockchain range from 'gaming > gambling > financial services'. 

Now, there is one social application called Everipedia (a digital encyclopedia that rewards you) on the list of top EOS applications. Ofcourse, if you love contributing to sites like Wikipedia, Everipedia can constitute an 'organic entry-point to the world of blockchain technology & digital currency' but it may not be the easiest entry-point.

Going forward....

Each of the aforementioned blockchain technologies are great in their own right. Many of these blockchain(s) have flourishing digital currencies too, judging by their financial ranking on coinmarketcap.com but are these platforms the easiest entry-points to the world of digital currency & blockchain technology? 

Well, let's take a look at the types of applications built on the Steem blockchain (also seen on ' https://steemapps.com'): 

Looking above, you can easily find a Steem-based app that you can relate with, many of which are 'social media applications' with recognizable features such as 'likes, dislikes, DMs, post, comment, communities etc.'

The steem blockchain is built to recognize and process social transactions e.g 'likes, dislikes, DMs, post, comment, communities etc', similar to those that you have on traditional social media platforms like 'Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram etc'.

Steem also processes financial transactions but with "social" in mind. Hence, the Steem blockchain caters to 'fast transactions, zero transaction-fees, easy-to-use wallets etc'. 

Now, even if you decided to run your own copy of Steem blockchain (assuming this is your desired entry-point) as a block-producer (witness), you can set that up in 10-minutes, without the need for complex physical infrastructure, without much technical know-how. Among other things, due to the 'social nature of Steem', the Steemit community will look to assist you. 

Yes, even the governance layer of the Steem blockchain is socially-structured, meaning that unlike bitcoin which uses 'proof of work' to decide the next block-producer, for your Steem witness to produce blocks, people will have had to vote for your witness. 

To setup a Steem witness, you can get a server here and follow the simple instructions to set it up or contact me on 'comsilbronze4@gmail.com' for assistance. 

Now, while the Steem blockchain is 'stake-based', meaning that 'the more staked-Steem you have' the more your vote weighs around the Steem ecosystem; being that the Steem blockchain was built with "social" in mind, the Steem ecosystem also has a very unique layer called 'proof of brain' that has kept the Steem ecosystem "social" till date. This layer distributes rewards through 'likes or dislikes' and rewards both content-creators and content-curators. 

By using 'steemit.com' or any of the steem-based applications found on 'https://steemapps.com', which you can access with 'one steem account', you begin to earn/distribute the digital currency called STEEM. For instance, whenever someone likes a post that you created, they distribute some STEEM your way, while also receiving of portion of STEEM in the form of 'curation rewards', for liking your content before others did.

What is the easiest entry point to the world of digital currency and blockchain technology? 

The simple basic answer is 'steemit.com'. 

Recently though, 'steemit.com' experienced a hard-fork that generated a new blockchain called 'Hive', which you can find on 'https://hive.blog'.

Signing up on either or both aforementioned websites starts your journey into 'the world of blockchain technology and digital currency' and instantly simplifies it. 

Look to setup an account on both sites! If you need help with creating an instant account, you can contact me via 'comsilbronze4@gmail.com'.
When you sign up, it is very important to back-up your Steem and Hive passwords as this password is your STEEM/HIVE account.

Assuming you now have your accounts setup on either or both sites, you will have an easy to recall username that looks similar to mine 'i.e @surpassinggoogle'. Well, this @username also constitutes 'the address to an entire wallet' and perhaps your first digital-currency wallet called 'a STEEM wallet'.  

Notice that unlike a 'BTC, ETH or LTC wallet-addresses' that look something like this '3AZ9KiLSG4jwdcfAWW9K5pQ8ew86JXNAqt', on Steemit, you possess a memorable and shareable wallet-address that looks like this, '@surpassinggoogle'. 

Steem/Hive wallets are yours, meaning that as long as you have your password saved and accessible only to you, whatever STEEM or HIVE you receive in your wallet, is only accessible to you. 

Now, in case you wanted me to send you '10,000,000 STEEM', you can complete the transfer in the next 3-seconds and it will cost you 'zero fee'. 

How does this simplify matters? Lets say, i wanted to send you '10,000,000 BTC/ETH' and i had exactly '10,000,0000 BTC/ETH', i won't be capable of sending you the said amount because i don't have extra BTC/ETH to pay the transaction-fee. 

Too, transactions on both the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain(s) take time to process i.e 'it is not instant'. 

In times of congestion, a BTC transfer transaction can take 30-mins to process. 

Now, let's assume that at first, you aren't concerned your 'STEEM wallet' and you simply wanted to experience a 'blockchain-based social media platform'; Steemit.com is just one of many steem-based applications that you can sign into and use. 

If you wanted to use a Steem-based application that is related to 'fitness' for instance, simply visit 'https://steemapps.com' to pick a related steem-based app e.g 'https://actifit.io' and sign-in with Steem credentials to use it. 

If you seek a steem-based application similar to Instagram, you can try 'https://appics.com', a steem-based application available on IOS and Android and log in to use the app with the your Steem log-in credentials.

Now, did you know that the Steem blockchain also offers steem-based digital currencies? For instance, 'https://appics.com' has it own internal digital-currency called 'APX', which is a steem-based currency. This means that, when you post/curate content on 'https://appics.com', you earn 'STEEM' in conjunction with 'APX', both of which you can convert to FIAT.

Ofcourse, "financial rewards" being secondary, what other things can you gain by using 'blockchain-based social media applications' besides being 'introduced into the world of blockchain technology and digital currency'?

Well, how about immutability of your content...

Let's continue taking a look at 'https://appics.com'...

Being an application built on the Steem blockchain, any content that you publish on the APPICS application is saved on the Steem blockchain. A blockchain is immutable in nature, giving your content 'permanence'.

This aside, can you get on 'a traditional social media platform like Instagram' and become an instant 'viral sensation', without a tangible number of followers'? Hardly! 

Such possibility however, exists on 'blockchain-based social media platforms' like 'https://appics.com' because among other things, random users of the app are incentivized to consume and curate your content. (The Steem blockchain has a unique feature called 'proof of brain' that distribute rewards among content-curators within the ecosystem.)

Note thus, that you can earn digital currency (STEEM) on most steem-based applications for 'liking content'. 

There is more...

Due to the public nature of the Steem blockchain and its unique feature called 'proof of brain' which seeks to reward people who consciously 'prove their brain' using 'content', steem-based applications easily become very 'content-based', incessantly revealing information that organically educates you on the beauty of blockchain technology and digital currency. 

Even valuable information that may have been hoarded by people, assuming they were using 'traditional social media platforms' becomes revealed on these 'steem-based applications' because of an additional incentive to do so, courtesy of Steem's 'proof of brain' reward-distribution mechanism.

For instance, once in the past when i was still new on 'steemit.com' and didn't know much about digital currencies or blockchain technology, 'i had earned some 400-USD for free' by having found a publication on Steemit that announced an upcoming Bitcoin hardfork. I experimented at the time and bought some 'BTC' before the fork and i got some 'BCH' days later, equivalent to the amount of BTC that i had.

At another time, 'i earned up to 1000-USD for free', after finding an announcement right on 'steemit.com' that announced an airdrop of a digital currency to Steemit users who performed some simple action. 

A public ledger with a 'proof of brain' model constitutes an incessant source of revelation.

Let's go a step further...

How about the search engines? Did you know that you that myriads of business are battling to rank on the first page of say 'google.com'; that there are certain industries 'e.g insurance companies, law firms etc' willing to pay as high as '50-USD (per click)' in a bid to dominate the first page of google? 

Well, did you know that 'content published on the Steem blockchain 'e.g on steemit.com' dominates the search engines? This is another value derivable from using 'blockchain-based social media platforms' like 'steemit.com'. Unlike traditional social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram that target an internal audience, posts from steem-based applications are served to the search-engines, performing well on these outlets in terms of ranking because of the decentralized manner in which the Steem blockchain stores data and because of the 'relevance' given to steem-based URLs by the global web. 

Steemit.com is a 'top 19,000 website' across the entire web.

How about "communities"? What type of community will you find on 'steem-based applications'? 'A community of reputable great minds'. How so?

Recall that 'steemit.com' is a 'public ledger' with a 'proof of brain' reward-distribution mechanism? Well, these two properties of the Steem blockchain combined incentivizes users of Steem to 'stay reputable'. Unlike traditional 'Facebook, Instagram etc' where you can delete records of 'your behavior', these records are kept permanent when published to the Steem blockchain. 

Besides, 'stay reputable' on steemit.com where "proof of brain" holds sway, betters your chances at getting rewarded with STEEM.

Why do i focus on 'blockchain-based social media platforms' as 'the easiest entry point to the world of digital currency and blockchain technology? 

Well, i am a testimony to this establishment. I joined steemit.com as someone who knew nothing about 'digital currency or blockchain technology'. I wasn't tech-savvy either! 

Upon arriving on 'steemit.com', i didn't even read Steem's whitepaper. 

Everything i have written here today, i haven't read either. My knowledge about the Steem blockchain and all the other aforementioned blockchain technologies came from my existence on 'steemit.com'. 

Note that i am a 'legitimate illiterate'. (Read more!)

I found it 'steemit.com' organically via the search engines. I had found it twice 'organically' before i joined in, further attributing to the fact that Steemit-based URL(s) rank well in the search engines. 

I found 'steemit.com' when i was looking for a 'new internet', one that wasn't traditional. Currently, i may know more about the beauty of blockchain technology than the inventors of blockchain technology because i have used it 'as a legitimate illiterate'.

Since i found Steemit, i have gone on to do many tech-savvy things too, including 'build my own steem-based projects, my own digital currency, my own reward-distribution mechanism and well, i am working on 'my very own blockchain' too. 

I also run a witness on Steem called 'surpassinggoogle' that hosts a copy of the Steem blockchain. 

Courtesy of steemit.com, i have had clearer insight into the true state of the world. I am even writing a programming protocol that everyone can 'program in' under an enterprise called 'Macrohard' and well, i never knew anything about 'programming'. 

All these happened right here on 'steemit.com'. 

Hahaha, i have written 'papers' too. I call mine 'colorlesspapers' containing things related to token-economy digital currency, blockchain technology etc.

Contrary to what's popular, 'understanding blockchain technology' isn't at all complex. Even the innovators of blockchain technology think it is, that it requires "being a geek" to understand but i tell you, "simply add some English into the Mathematics and even complexest Math equations suddenly become non-equations e.g 'x + y = z' is the same thing as 'x plus y equals z'."

So, do you have a dream or innovation idea that you want to build and make a reality? That isn't complex to accomplish either for it has never been easier. The Steem blockchain helps!

Let me break that down a bit...

Say i have an enterprise in the making called 'Macrohard'; what steps do i take to bring it into life, especially now that we have the luxury of the Steem blockchain?

It is dead easy!

Let me explain with this ordered steps:

  • Set up a Steem or Hive account preferably both, then introduce yourself on both platforms.
  • Now, look for a Steem/Hive-based application in relation to your passion and start publishing on it. Interact and curate content too.
  • When you have earn some STEEM/HIVE, say '3 STEEM/HIVE' (like 45-cents worth of USD), create a community called 'Macrohard' on 'steemit.com/hive.blog'.
  • Define your community, arrange it, make it pretty.
  • Start to post about 'Macrohard' in your community, even if you are alone in it. Evolve the dream, play in it, solidify your own conviction in relation to 'Macrohard'.
  • When your very own conviction about 'Macrohard' is solid, tell others about it and invite them join in and post in your community.
  • Now, buy a domain name, 'e.g macrohard.pro' and start to invite others to 'your very own application on the Steem blockchain'.
  • When you have say '100 users' subscribed to your community, work on making them 'true fans'. May they begin to love what 'Macrohard' represents.
  • If you now desire, write an entire draft-paper that represents 'the vision within your dream'. May it be spiritual, that it can move every human.
  • Now that you have some '500 true fans', you can go big. 
  • Perhaps create your own digital currency called 'MACROHARD' (costs 100 STEEM), reward your community even manually with it. You can use Steem's 'proof of brain' model or create your own distribution-model.
  • Based on your exploration with 'reward-distribution', you can go back and reform your draft-paper and add in a potential 'tokenomy'. 
  • In eventuality, when you have a solid paper, you can go public. Tell your 'true fans' to join in and support your dreams of building 'a Macrohard standalone application' in exchange for some MACROHARD tokens. Best scenario: Use your own capital to build your application to its 'alpha-stage' and use 'crowdfunding' to continue. If you can build it all, build it all and invite your 'true fans' in, to spark the grand motion. Give them MACROHARD tokens to celebrate this breakthrough.
  • 'You and 500 true fans' and you can push and displace 'mount Kilimanjaro' by '50KM' at '50KM/hr'.
  • Where you are stuck contact me via 'comsilbronze4@gmail.com'. (I am your boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.)


Let's talk about some 'simple-to-use blockchain-based social media applications' that you can start your blockchain journey on today:

1. D.tube 

This application is a video-sharing platform. It uses both the Steem and Hive blockchain(s), meaning that you can log into it and use it, with either a Steem account, a Hive account or both. 

After you have signed in, you can begin to publish your videos on 'https://d.tube' directly or embed it directly from traditional video-sharing platforms such as 'YouTube, Vimeo etc.'

Where you embed your videos directly from YouTube, you can earn Steem as a result. However, your videos will not be backed-up on the blockchain.

'https://d.tube' allows you the option of uploading videos directly from your PC or phone, which saves or backs-up your videos in permanence 'on blockchain'.

Publishing your videos also on 'https://d.tube' opens your content up to a new audience, 'a reputable audience', enabling you grow your community further. 

You can also direct traffic from the Steem community to your YouTube platform.

Where you don't have a Steemit or Hive account yet, you can get one directly on 'https://d.tube'.


This steem-based application has a similar feel to INSTAGRAM. Assuming you already had a Steem account, simply visit the APPICS application on your IOS or Android and you can log-in to use it, with your Steem credentials. 

'https://appics.com' also offers you the capability of signing up for a steem account, if you didn't already have one.

After you have signed in, you can curate, consume or create content on APPICS. 'Content' can take the form of 'videos, photography, text etc.' 

APPICS rewards users with 'STEEM' as well as their internal steem-based digital currency called 'APX'. 

3. 3speak.online

This is a blockchain-based video-sharing platform that uses the Hive blockchain, meaning the your can log into 'https://3speak.online' with your HIVE login credentials. 

'3speak.online' focuses on catering especially to users of traditional video-sharing platforms like YouTube, who fear censorship. It invites you to publish even videos that YouTube may consider controversial as they seek to propagate free speech.

'Content' published on '3speak.online' is rewarded in HIVE, a digital currency affiliated with the Hive blockchain.

If you didn't have a Hive account, you can sign up for one directly on '3speak.online'.

4. Steemmonsters

'https://steemmonsters.com' is a collectible trading multiplayer card-game designed as a hybrid between Pokemon and 'World of Warcraft'. It is connected to the Steem blockchain, meaning that you can log into the application with your Steem account credentials. 

Steemmonsters being a steem-based application has maintained a "social paradigm". Thus, it has an entire 'social media platform' on 'https://www.splintertalk.io' attached to it, whereupon players are rewarded in 'STEEM' and 'SPT' (a steem-based digital currency) for discussions related to the Steemmonsters game.

If you didn't already have a Steem account, you can get one directly on 'https://steemmonsters.com'

5. Actifit.io

'https://actifit.io' is a simple steem-based application that seeks to reward users for staying fit. You can log into it and use it with your Steem account credentials. Even though it an app that records your fitness activities and rewards it, users are encouraged to publish their 'fitness escapades' in the form of 'social media' making more than 'just another fitness app'.

'https://actifit.io' also has an internal steem-based token called 'AFIT', thus, activities recorded on 'https://actifit.io' are rewarded in 'STEEM & AFIT'.

Assuming you don't have a steem account, you can sign up for a steem account directly on 'https://actifit.io'. You can find 'Actifit' on IOS and Android.

6. dlike.io 

'https://dlike.io' is a steem-based social-sharing application. Similar to 'traditional social media platforms' like 'DIGG, PINTEREST, STUMBLEUPON etc', Dlike seeks to reward users for to re-sharing valuable links. These links can be links to articles, videos, news etc. You can log into and use Dlike now, with your Steem login credentials.

It rewards users in a 'STEEM' and 'DLIKE' (their internal steem-based digital currency).

Assuming you didn't have a Steem account, you can sign-up for a one directly via 'https://dlike.io'.

7. Steemhunt


'https://steemhunt.com' is a steem-based social media platform for geeks, alpha nerds and product enthusiasts who love to dig out new products and talk about them with others. They reward social activities on their platform in 'STEEM' and 'HUNT' (their internal ETH-based digital currency).

You can access 'Steemhunt' with your existing 'Steem login credential' or sign-up for a Steem account directly on .https://steemhunt.com'.

8. Tasteem.io

'https://tasteem.io' is an easy-to-use steem-based social media application that focuses on food and restaurant reviews. It rewards participants in this ecosystem in STEEM.

You can access Tasteem today with your 'steem account'. Otherwise, sign-up for a steem account directly via 'https://tasteem.io'.

9. TravelFeed

'https://travelfeed.io' is an easy-to-use steem-based application for independent travelers. On Travelfeed.io, every user can have their own free travel blog hosted and monetized through the Steem blockchain and accessible through their own TravelFeed sub-domain. 

Once again, you will need your 'Steem login credentials' to access 'https://travelfeed.io'.

10. Fundition.io

'https://fundition.io' is crowdfunding social-media platform associated with the Steem blockchain. It allows individuals and enterprises to raise funds in 'a variety of digital currencies' including 'STEEM'. It also offers donors the ability to donate in FIAT, which is in turn converted to STEEM and allocated to the respective campaign.

You can access 'https://fundition.io' with your Steem account. Where you don't have a Steem account yet, you can get one directly on 'https://fundition.io'.

See more...

Others .


This is blockchain-based video-sharing platform that rewards 'video content' with a digital currency called 'LBC'. 

One valuable feature offered by LBRY.TV is "auto-syncing your YouTube videos". This means that without much effort, you can connect your YouTube channel with LBRY.TV, which will automatically begin to backup all YouTube videos on LBRY.TV

LBRY.TV uses blockchain storage, keeping your videos permanent. YouTube channels with a minimum of 1,000 subscribers who have synced their YouTube channel with LBRY.TV are rewarded with an additional 'fixed amount of LBC per month' for their effort. 


This is another social media platform that can constitute 'an entry-point into the world of digital currency and blockchain technology'. While it doesn't make use of a blockchain just yet, it makes use a of point-system, where 'likes' distributes a 'digital currency' called 1UP. 

It is content-based platform. However, 'likes' mean '1UP' and '1UP' is a digital currency with monetary value. You can sign-up for an Uptrennd account here!

My Own Blockchain-based Applications.

I am working on my own applications too. They are all open-source and based on blockchain technology; "the Steem blockchain". 

1. Ulogs.org

A Steem-based social network platform created to propagate a form of content called 'Ulogs' into the world and emanate/rendezvous Uloggers globally. (See definition of Ulog here). 

It also has an internal digital currency called 'TEARDROPS' (a steem-based currency)

2. SteemGigs.org 

A Steem-based social network platform that provides a dream-building services marketplace, whereupon 'everyone has something to offer'. It will allow and incentivize experts & non-experts alike to offer gigs/services. 

STEEMGIGS will look to celebrate dreamers and dream-builders with a digital currency called 'TEARDROPS'. 


MACROHARD is an enterprise focused on enabling 'every(any)one' to participate in the world of programming. It intends to create a 'programming protocol' that every(any)one can code in.

It will eventually provide a blockchain-based social network platform modeled to emanate 'brother programmers' & a consultancy network focused on enabling 'non-programmer project owners' better build projects.

Being a product of the Teardrops ecosystem, MACROHARD will make use of the 'proof of tears' reward distribution model, powered by the TEARDROPS digital currency. 

4. Marlians.com

This is a side-project under the umbrella of the 'Teardrops ecosystem', that was recently developed. It takes the form of 'a mainstream social network platform'. However, it maintains 'down-to-earth paradigms'. It is already functional/in-use and it currently hosts more than 2,000 user-profiles. 

Availing 'the mainstream-user' of a mainstream social network platform i.e marlians.com, we can begin to introduce these users organically to down-to-earth concepts like ulogging etc. (Read more about Marlians.com here.)

Marlians.com makes use of the Steem blockchain and rewards uses in 'STEEM' and 'MARLIANS' (an internal steem-based currency).

5. The TEARDROPS Digital Currency

The TEARDROPS digital currency will power each innovation stemming from the Teardrops ecosystem. As a digital currency it should succeed whether bulls or bears because 'humans are involved'. Read more!

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Hi @surpassinggoogle

Thank you for bringing out all the great opportunities you share with us

Thank you alot for your help and inspiration. I am hoping you see this. Basically, the post was hidden from Steemit. It is just a 'gratitude' comment.

Hey I'm proud maharlika a pinoy guy using steemit community I use already steemconnect in actifit fitnes

Great article, thanks for so much useful information!

If we could easily turn Brave BATS into dollars, I think we would get a bit of what old Zuck wanted. BATS to PayPal?

Thank you so very much!!! This is the most comprehensive and in depth article on social block chains I've been privileged to read in a long long time! Love the Visa paradigm. This must be re-steemed! Thanks again!!! Steem On ✊