Funny Caturday

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It is always fun if you have a cat at home. Double fun if they are two.

Give a cat a box and no matter how small it may be, the cat will find way to squeeze in it.




While Blue is trying the impossible with the box, Furry is watching from above with dignity.



Well, there is no dignity in the way she sleeps.


Have a wonderful Caturday!


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Ahhh..they are having fun and your getting a lot of enjoyment from them i can see 😸

Believe me, there is no dull moment in the house. These two make the most to entertain us. 😆

Ahhh..that is so lovely 😸

What a beautiful kitties!
I love the third photo ahaha he is really trying 😆

Aww, thnak you.
It is rather amusing to watch how stubbornly she continues to push herself inside the box. 😀

These two cats are very funny!! The box is too small! Furry tries look respectable! LoL

They are so entertaining. 😀

Cats are just obsessed with there boxes my cat is the same will try and get into any boxes even if she can't fit she will not give up 😸

They are so funny keep on trying and trying. Last gane is with plastic bottle and balls inside. The bottle rolls, the balls rattle and the cat tries to poke her nose inside the bottle, although it is so narrow. 😀

You are going to drive them mad and i bet your having a good laugh 😅

Beautiful fur balls :-)

Thank you 😀🐈