Random Cat Photos for Caturday

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Happy Caturday!

Some days ago I found few sweet kittens on the street.

Here are some random photos I took.




And a big mouser in the grass.


High above on a thick branch another cat was sleeping.


And another one was on the same tree.



Thank you for viewing.

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Street name created by @otage

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Lovely photos! Cats sleeping on trees! Nice catch!

The two cats were pretty high and while I was looking for birds, I saw them. No wonder there were no birds on that tree.

You have got nice camera!! Good shots!

Thank you, glad you like them furballs.😀

Sweeties 🙀😊

They are soooo cute. 😀

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Thank you kindly for your support!

Simply gorgeous kittens. I want one. Lol.

The trouble is that I want them too.😀
My Furry would not tolerate another cat.