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Hi Hivers!

Good Morning!

I have seen this 30-Day Blogging Challenge going around in Hive, and I have decided to join the fun. I have seen @straykat having his own 30-Day Blogging Challenge and got led me to the person whom initiated this, @tegoshei, thanks for this great idea and interesting topics that you have plotted for this challenge.

If you guys want to join the fun, you can see @tegoshei's post in here.

Today is day 7 of the challenge

7th day of the Challenge and I was doing very great. I'm trying to take the challenge by making posts every single day since I have started it last August 7, 2020. I'm quite proud of myself 😂

My Five Favorite Songs



Since we are in Hive, and many of our audience prefer to have English contents I will be giving you my Five Favorite International Songs.

First in the list was Breakeven by The Script. Kind of love the lyrics of this song, Cause when a heart breaks no it don't break even.

For me, I take the song as...

Having a broken heart doesn't mean that you have breakeven to the person you have make his/her heart broken.

I also like The Script's The Man Who Can be Moved. I really feel the lyrics of this song the first time I have heard this.

Third on my list was I'll Be by Edwin McCain. I have loved this song when I was still a kid because I love the message of the song.

A man whose wants to be a person whom a girl can cry to, a man whom dedicate his life to the love of his life. There was a word that comes to my mind the moment I have heard this song...


4th on the List was a cover of the song of Hope by Twista featuring Faith Evans. This song was by Bars and Melody and was used as their audition song in Britain's Got Talent. If you wanted to listen with the audition version of the song, feel free to click here.

It was being inspired to those who were being bullied at school, to those that were being picked and thrown on the ground, to those that were being degraded and disrespected.

Last but not the least was Lightning by Henry Gallagher, like the last one on my list this was also used as an audition piece at Britain's Got Talent. Feel free to watch the audition video here.

This song was an original song of a guy who don't have courage to confess. A guy whom doesn't know how to approach a lady that he really likes. He have write how he feel the first time he saw this girl.

This is for today's topic, @aguadz' Five Favorite Songs.

Hope to see you tomorrow for my new post 😊

To be updated with my entry for this challenge, please visit the links below. I also plan to make weekly posts for this challenge, making the full list of this challenge. Hope to see you in there.

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