30-Day Blogging Challenge Day 8 | 3 Countries I want to Visit

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Today is day 8 of the challenge

Top 3 Places Countries that I want to Visit

A week have past and here I am on my 8th day as I progresses this challenge.

Top 3 places that I want to visit, or I think it would be better to have the Top 3 Countries that I wanted to Visit.


I would like to travel different countries in the future, to atleast ride an airplane 😅. A childhood dream that I want to fulfill someday, maybe when I get to be a financial stable and get to have my own family. A family that sees me as the father and a husband.

So without further ado, let's start with the 3 Countries that I want to visit.



As I've seen in a lot of pictures, Italy was a very beautiful place. I have some liking about the renaissance period, not that I know a lot of things about the period and their history. The main reason for my interest in the period is their very beautiful artworks and architectures. Also there were a lot of places one can visit to, for me I personally wanted to visit the places I have listed below.

  • Vatican Church | Papal Basilica of Saint Peter
    I think being a catholic, I really want to go and visit the said church. For me, visiting the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican is really a dream.

  • Pantheon
    I have seen photos of Pantheon and I'm really fond with the big hole I have seeing in the middle roof. I feel like seeing it as a blessing when someone was standing inside and being lighted from the hole

  • Trevi Fountain
    Being the highest fountain and all, I also want to see the structure of the fountain. I have seeing photos of it having a lot of must be seen sculptures.

  • Venice Grand Canal
    4th on my list will be the Grand Canal in Venice. I want to experience riding in the Gondola and travel the canal. If a chance will be given to me, I want to ride the Gondola 2 times, first is in daytime and the other one will be on night time.

  • Colosseum
    Finally, I wanted to visit the collosseum. To have a look with its great beauty, wanted to see where some gladiator once fought, wanted to see a very old amphitheater which once hold atleast 50000 people.



The main reason for France to be listed on this list is because of the Eiffel tower. I wanted to see its beauty, being a symbol for Paris. Standing in 300 meters, the said tower can be seen from a distance.

I have dreamed of seeing this structure in person since I was a child, nothing romantic in particular, I just want to see its beauty for myself



The first country that I wanted to visit if money will be given to me, Japan

This is the country that I wanted to visit first, because this is the country where I wanted to see my very first Sakura tree. I do not want to accidentally see other sakura trees in any country so I prefer to go in the Japan before any other country.

Beside with the sakura trees I also want to visit Japan for the Mt. Fuji. I wanted to see its beauty myself, not that I want to climb it.

Just seeing it is enough for me...

Another thing was because Japan were the home of Anime. I have heard that a lot of structures in Japan were Anime inspired, ships, train, and even a theme park for anime lovers.

I also wanted to see those in my visit to Japan in the future

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