Competition (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day! I am going back to recent prompts that I haven't participated in yet which is competition. This 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge is an initiative by @mariannewest, and everyone are invited to take part.

Competition is everywhere.
It might be in politics, sports, media, entertainment, etc.
The actual winner when there's competition among them are the consumers.
That way, services provided improves.
Though, there's some sort of dirty practices having competitive spirit.
There goes the trash talking, and underground activities to bring their rivals down.
Competition has been too tight in the Philippines between two top mass media outlets.
They did a lot of things against each other in order to win.
Cheating has never been absent between them.
Due to franchise issues, the number media outlet was closed down.
Then the main rival networked had a press release being the number 1 network.
It's funny because their rival is currently operating as a cable channel.
The rivalry between the two has torn some people apart.
There has been bashing and hating on social media between their fans.
The media that has been closed down has better programs offered.
However, their dirty activities can never be disregarded.

Mainstream media has a lot of shady practices against some people and their main rivals. The competition never ceases, and their release of negative news when issues arise against the other becomes the focus of their news reports. There may come a time when they support each other with their freedom of speech claims, but they still battle against each other. No matter what they do or the kind of competition they have, these mainstream media are also used for propaganda in order to manipulate our minds. Thus, we should be aware on what they present to us because what they display is what their bosses wants to feed our minds.


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