Quarantine Life: Day 115, People's Worries on Covid19

Source: Pixabay

It seems many people are already back to work. As the government said, getting back to the economy is very important so the country's financial state won't go down further. But as the quarantine eases, more and more cases were found as evident on the surge of new coronavirus positives.

SWS conducted a survey through their app as face to face surveys are not allowed. You can view the result here. It shows that more Filipinos are afraid, and that the worst about the pandemic is yet to come. This shows how many people are worried about the future regarding the virus. But of course, the data was based from app survey, and might not be totally accurate. But based on Facebook comments, many people are still afraid about the virus.

Coronavirus cases

In less than 24 hours, Coronavirus cases surged quickly now at 11.787 million. Thousands of deaths are counted now at 542k, while there are more than 6.41 million recovered cases. United States still leads as the number has already crossed 3 million. The tally reached 3.048 million, which included 133k fatalities and 918k patients has recovered. The surge in Brazil was also seen now at 1.674 million. The good news in Brazil, 1.072 million has recovered. That is pretty higher than in the US.

The number of cases in the Philippines didn't seem to slow down as in less than 24 hours, there are new total of 47,873 cases. Fatalities may be slower at 1,309 but still sad about the families of those patients. Recoveries is 12,386, which is a bit slow. The number of active cases here in Pangasinan is still at 27, as it wasn't updated yet.

WHO's response

WHO has now responded to the claims regarding Covid19 as airborne. The article can be read here. After reviewing the evidence, then they will release their stance or decision regarding the virus. There has been a lot of claims regarding the virus as either just like flu or common colds, while other scientists thinks it's more dangerous than we think. It was initially said that it's not airborne, but others say it is. Studies regarding the virus is still at its early stage so we have no idea regarding the entirety of its scope. I remember when dengue carrying mosquitoes was initially said to be active from 9am to 3pm. That research was finally debunked. The same can happen with coronavirus. Whether others say it wasn't too dangerous, nobody wnats to get sick, right?

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