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I've always wondered why babies get so fascinated and obsessed with mirrors. I have this little girl that visits me sometimes and the moment she walks through the door, she goes straight to my wardrobe mirror and keeps smiling at her reflection. She even kisses herself and keeps playing or dancing until she gets tired, I really wonder what makes her so happy . It always fun to watch, What is it that draw babies to mirrors?


Your baby’s love for mirrors stems from his love for human faces. Newborns spend most of their waking hours gazing and looking at faces. His mother’s face is the first thing he recognizes after the first couple of months. Babies are mesmerized by human faces which explains why he is fascinated by the reflection of his own face in the mirror Source

Even though there was this superstition which made people believe it was wrong for babies to see or look at mirrors before their first birthday. My late grandma even believed that if a baby sees a mirror before his/her first birthday, he/she won't grow teeth.

My question is, do babies recognise themselves in the mirror?
According to sources, babies do not until they get to 20 -24 months old so all that smile, blabbing and pressing this heads in front of the mirror before this time is just for fun.
Between 6 - 12 months, babies think the image is that of another baby and they just want to be friends with them
Between 13 -20 months, they become confused and are not sure about what they see.

Have you noticed this? Do you have a baby around you that loves playing with mirrors?
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