Are You Grateful? I Am Alive Challenge 💃💃 Day 18

🎵You are Yahweh
You are Yaweh
Alpha and Omega
You are Yaweh🎵


Good morning beautiful people and happy weekend to you all. Its a beautiful Friday that the Lord has made. It is by God's grace that we are alive again todag and its not by our might. I thank God for his faithfulness always over me and everyone around me. Most especially I am grateful for love between my spouse and I. God is good.

Nobody knows where we would have been today if not for mercy. With all the things happening in the world at the moment, the pandemic and all, we should always be glad and grateful to God that we are safe and secured from the virus and troubles. I will sing it and shout for the world to hear. 🔊I AM GRATEFUL FOR LIFE!!!

I encourage us all to join this challenge and let the world know how grateful you are every day. Being alive is a great testimony.

I Am Alive and Grateful and I Celebrate my Victory Today!🙌


Thanks so much for reading...
Till I come your way next time...
I remain your sugar lovey dovey @oredebby

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How are you dear friend @oredebby Good afternoon
I love the way you have of seeing things, always so objective. who knows what would become of us without the mercy of our creator.
Happy Friday, have a nice time