Don't Mess Up With Someone Who Points Gun At You

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Confidence is good but overconfidence can be dangerous and you can end up in a bad place. When it comes to self defense, if you act without understanding the situation and who you are dealing with, you will be in more trouble.

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You might see some fancy moves to defend against guns. Someone draws his weapons and points the gun at you. You think you will grab the gun. The attacker can move his hands and shoot you.

Maybe you are good at doing high kicks. That's nice. Doing high kick to the attacker's hand and the gun falls off his hand. Well, that can happen in moves. But in real life, there is less chance.

In an extreme situation where the attacker is about to shoot you, then you do something to defend like that because you have no options, that makes sense. Otherwise, think again. Even though you can kick fast and hit the attacker's hand. It makes no difference if he still holds his gun. Or you miss it, now you are not going to like what would happen next.

The attacker only needs to pull the trigger and the rest will be history. So please do not make any silly move.

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There is a high chance to defend yourself if you are close to the attacker. You can talk to the attacker and co-operate with him. Even when you make your move, distract the attacker or make him think so that the moment he doesn't think about the gun. If he gets distracted, you have a chance to make your move.

If you see the attacker is about to draw his weapon, you can stop him right there. That's a good option. Once he has the weapon on his hand, it is different. Understanding the intention of the attacker can help you in this situation. If he wants something, maybe he will not shoot you right away. Consider the reality and then make your move for self defense.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments below and share your thoughts. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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