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We talk about different things about martial arts and self defense. Even if you know what to do to defend yourself, you cannot execute that properly because you are so exhausted.

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When you are fresh and have a lot of energy, it feels like you can do anything. If you fight when you have full energy, you can fight better. So how long can you keep fighting?

You cannot strike with power due to being so tired. You need to improve your stamina. Whether you do any sports or martial art, your stamina will help you keep going.

Besides learning different martial art and self defense techniques, you have to do training to increase your stamina. You can do different training like jump up, running, push up, hands circling, upper swing, and so on. You will be exhausted, and you need to push your limit.

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If you keep practicing like this. you can see the results. Do not expect that you will be attacked when you have a lot of energy. Maybe when you are tired or you are in an awkward position, you have to face challenging situation.

You can get hurt in a fight. Someone hits you and you fall on the ground, That's not the end of everything. If you do not get up from the ground, the situation might get worse. You are not in a fighting competition. No one gives you the time to get up.

If you are being attacked when you are on the ground, you have to cover yourself from there. You can bend your legs and face towards the attacker. When you get a chance, get up quickly from the ground.

It is recommended to do circuit training on a regular basis to build your stamina. Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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@rezoanulvibes, in the context of martial arts, which is more important, stamina or endurance? Or are both important?

You need to have the stamina to execute the technique and keep fighting. It is not that you punch once, the fight is over. On the other hand, if you only have the stamina, but do not how to fight, that will not help you defend yourself.

So training to boost your stamina is a crucial part of the martial art training. Your martial art training improves your stamina and of course, you are learning how to fight.

Everybody know how to fight until they get into a fight

When you face reality, you see how good you good are. Sparring or fighting with your training partner can be a test of your fighting skills, and you realize where you have to improve. Thank you for your comment!

Dam right

Great advice and perspective

Hi @nivekpro!
A couple of days ago, you made a comment in one of my one month old posts. Reading your comment, I made this post.

Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate that!