Street Fight Is Not Nice and Clean

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When you train and fight with a professional fighter, it's clean. You know what's going on. A professional fighter will not make a silly move. He is trained to fight. If it is in a fighting competition, a fighter has to follow the rules to keep fighting, otherwise, he will be disqualified.

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When you fight on the street, it is not nice and clean. You might see fight nice and clean in movies. They are fighting for a long time but you do not see any blood. That's possible in movies.

A professional fight's mindset to fight is different than a random dude on the street. If you are being attacked on the street, most of the time, the attacker does not know what he is doing. He throws punches and swings his hands to hit you.

It is like a wild fight. This is what you usually face on the street. So you need to train to face attacks like that. Probably you will never face this in a fighting competition.

The attacker only moves forward to attack you. You can see continuous punches. If you try to block, you might end up getting hit eventually. It is better to defend and counter-attack instantly. If you keep blocking, the attacker will keep attacking.

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Even when you block, make sure that the attacker gets hurt. You can hit hard when you block. Probably you use the elbow to strike, You can use your elbow to block and defend. If the attacker contacts on your elbow, he will get hurt pretty bad.

You can move and make the distance as a defense. If you get in, you have to strike or you can grab and lock. In some situations, you will find grabbing and locking techniques very useful. Do not try to do something fancy. And don't do something to show off. The thing is, the situation can change at any moment. if you get the opportunity to leave, just leave.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section. I'd love to hear from you.

That's it for now. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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The best strategy in any fight is to deescalate the situation. If you are in a street fight and you've engaged, you've already lost. If you are forced to engage, get on the ground. If they come close kick their leg, if they come closer, kick towards their face. Most people don't know how to counter jujitsu and this is a dominant defensive position that is likely to deescalate the situation. No one wants to kick a guy on the ground, and if they do you'll be in a much better position to defend than they are.

Otherwise, run. You're way better off :)

Yes, if you can de-escalate the situation, that's better. If you have the chance to talk and avoid the fight, that's great. You fight as a last resort for self defense. Thank you @cryptoknight12 for your comment!