Alphabet Hunt Challenge - Letter I

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And here we are again hunting for words for the most entertaining challenge created by talented @barbara-orenya.

Here you can see the wonderful selection of @barbara-orenya and the rules of the contest.

Now we are in a search of words starting with the letter I. Well, this time my words I have selected are already used in some of the posts by others, but I may have something different. Let's see, shall we?

The first word that comes to my mind is

Ice cream


Ice cream in a coconut shell with topping of your choice. And after you finish it, siply scrape the coconut from its shell. Yummy!
Who would say no to the refreshing ice cream in a hot day!



I love the irises with their big variety of colours - whte, yellow, violet, blue, to name a few and all their nuances.
In front of our entrance, the neigbours have planted some and here are some more shots.






Ivy grows everywhere. On tne stone, wrapped around the tree.


Or you can have it indoors and make a nice decoration on a wall. My ex mother-in-law used to have ivy in her kitchen, small plant but nicely aranged on the wall.

Insignificant and yet Important Insect


Triple i to illustrate this image. The flower is dominated but the insignificat at first glance insect, any insect in fact, plays huge role. Although I just can't stop wondering what role the bloody mosquitos and cockroaches have.



Now something different - an Orthodox Christian icon painted on wood.
The Orthodox iconography has specific features in depicting the figures. The same style can be seen inside the churches. Like this on, representing Saint Nicolas, protector of the sailers and fishermen. The image is from inside of Varna Cathedral




Iconsiam - one of the largest malls in Asia, situated on the river banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand. A place I had the pleasure to visit last year and I saw only small part of it. If you are shopperholic, you would love it. All the big names in fashion can be found there. Or, if you are like me and wish to enjoy the vIew from its garden, here you can see the city skyscrapers and other buildings reflected on the glass facade.


And that's all for this round with the words starting with I. Another joyful experience to hunt for words and I am already looking forward to the next week's hunt. J can be tricky one.

But until then I am curious to see what your choice of words will be.


Thank you for viewing.

If you like to share your thoughts you can leave a comment.



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Your ice-cream is so original and seems yummy ! I love the coconut taste 😋
N-Ice hunt my dear ! 😉

I am glad you like the ice cream and it was delicious. 😀
There are quite a lot of irises and ivies this time.😄

The ice cream had left my mouth watering!

Iconsiam looks pretty awesome!

Glad I made you feel that way. 😀

Everybody loves Ice cream and the Iris is a very beautiful flower, Neli 🙂
A wall of my parent's house is partly overgrown with Ivy and I also know such a cool Ivy overgrown tree. I like the first Ivy photo where you can see the Ivy growing up the stone.

Beautiful shots and a very good #AlphabetHunt post, Neli, have a nice evening and a great Sunday tomorrow 😀

Cheers and !BEER

Thank you, Johann for your lovely comment.😀
I like the houses with ivy growing on the walls but got no such photo. The Aquarium in my home town was covered with ivy for many years. Then somebody decided to clear the building from it. Somehow the Aquarium lost ist character.

Wish you a nice evening and nice Sunday!

That's true, Ivy gives a building character and makes an ordinary house looking beautiful and somehow romantic.

You are very welcome, Neli 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

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Loved these Neli!! Terrific photos and selections for the letterI! That ice cream looks delicious! 😋 💕

Thanks Dee, I enjoyed a lot searching for the words and I am looking forward to J words

You're very welcome! 🙂

What a wonderful way to serve ice cream! It must take talent to split the coconut shells into usable shapes.
Great photos of those beautiful icons!

You chose a great selection of I words.

I had this ice cream in Thailand where coconuts are in abundance. It was very refreshing and very delicious. 😀

I love ice cream, and coconut is one of my favorite flavors.

That makes two of us! 😀

awesome findings! loved the Icon, and of course your exclusive ice-cream.

Thank you! 😀
The ice cream is so nice to have in such hot day. Now I remember I still have some in the freezer. 😉

I’m late checking our I post Neli. Will wait for your J one. 😊

Ice cream in a coconut bowl sounds great on a hot summer day. I also picked the lovely Iris.

Ivy on the tree is lovely and the icon is a great one.

Have a great Friday!

It is never late, Jo. 😀❤
I struggle to find time to post and comment these days. Just managed to post for the #featheredfriends 😀