Alphabet Hunt Challenge - Letter K

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It is time again to do some word hunting for the Alphabethunt Challenge hosted by the wonderful @barbara-orenya.

More about the challenge, you can find here

This is K word week and let's see what I have found.



My first choice is kitten. Honestly I thought not to use this word, because I knew many will. But, out of the blue, came Blue, our newest kitten. Hubby found it half dead on the street and took it home. It is still having problems with virus infection and we treat the eyes, that is why they look sore, but as soon as Blue is all right and I start making new photos, I will make a special post about him/her. Still don't know if it is a boy or a girl.



Knot on a swing on the beach, where I was enjoying the beautiful surrounding and having wonderful time relaxing. Thinking of that holiday, made me feel a bit nostalgic. It is the paradise island in Thailand, called Koh Lipe. And here comes the third word.

Koh Lipe


This photo is from our arrival on the island and the view of the crystal clear water and white beaches was just awesome. It was truely a paradise for me.


A map of the island, apology for the bad quality. This is just to show you how small it is.

And the next word is about something that never turned to be a hobby.



My last unfinished project. Shame I did not listen to my mother, who tried to teach me when I was younger. Later I have made a jumper for myself, not good at all and everytime I tried to knit something it never turned out to be as I have imagined it. I think I lack patience to learn and this white thing was supposed to be a jumper for my dog. Finally I left it unfinished.



Penny is knackered after she's been busy doing nothing all day long 😀
Well, I hope this photo illustrates how tired she may look.



Simple kaleidoscope effect of an image I chose randomly. The effect can be used for creating numerous images and I struggled which one to post. In the end I stopped playing with the app and I thought this one would do.

And these are my six words. I am curtious what your words are.


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Thank you for viewing.

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Very nicely done!! Very funny photo of the poor dog!! It looked a bit drunk! LoL

My dog always look strange. LOL
It was fun searching for a proper photo to illustrate the word knackered.😀

Haha. You have a funny looking dog with a sense of humour.

Actually, I learned knitting at the elementary school, but I have never done it again since then 😉

Lovely K post, Neli, this holiday on Koh Lipe must have been wonderful 🙂

I hope this cute little kitten will soon be alright again.

Cheers and !BEER

Thank you Johann.
It was my dream holiday in Thailand altogether and I am so happy I did it before the pandemic.
The kitten is doing well by far and I hope the other cat we have will accept it. This is going to be a challenge, I think.

I can imagine you are happy, because at the moment such journeys might be quite hard or almost impossible to make.
When cats have been alone for long they don't like other cats - that's what I have learned with our single cats, but hopefully yours is different - good luck for the little kitten, Neli 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

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I didn't know the word Knackered, thank you sweet Penny to have learnt it to me..😉
This Kitten is so cute ! I'm sure Blue will love it to have you as new family !
We could spend hours making these Kaleidoscope images indeed 😊
Thanks for this very nice selection @nelinoeva !

I am glad Penny snd I show a new word. The hint for K words was very enjoyable 😀

Great K words! Knackered is a good one and Penny is certainly showing a great example of what the word means!

It was easy with K words, I thought of knick-knack as well, a word I did not see in other posts.
But Penny always can show how she feels, especially after a long walk. 😀 So I chose the word knackered instead of making photos of knick-knacks.

Knick-knack would have been a good one! I didn't think of that one at all. I hope Blue is feeling much better very soon. He is a very lucky kitten to have you taken care of him.

Blue is very amusing and feels definitely better. I hope the other cat to accept it. For now Furry is not getting any closer to it and acts a bit strange. It will take time I guess for both to get to know each other. Fingers crossed. Penny, the dog could not care less as long as nobody disturbs her. We will have interesting days ahead. 😀

Having a kitten will definitely shake things up! 😺❤️

Kaleidoscope .. omg! I almost edit every day in gimp but how on earth I missed this lol! Loved the selections!

I thought of it in the beginning, but I was surprised nobody used it. 😀

Great selections Neli!! Adorable kitten photo and that water is so clear and pretty! Lol..on the Knackered perfectly! 💖

Glad you like it Dee 😀
The water there was so lovely and warm and clear, just fantastic.
Little kitten is very adorable, but my other cat is not happy. It will take time to adjust. The vet advised little Blue to be quarantined for a month until it is cured from the eye infection.
And I looked knackered like my dog at the end of the week, LOL

Little Blue was fortunate Hubby found her. Blue is a beautiful kitten and I hope she gets better soon. Sunday’s eyes were bad at first and I used to bathe them with a solution of warm water with a bit of baking soda in it. The vet also had given him a needle to help with clearing up the infection.

Lovely selections Neli. 💞

Thank you Jo ❤
Blue is getting better, her eyes are much better now. Our evt also gave us eye drops. My concern is if I can manage to make Furry to like Blue. I read and watched video clips how to introduce new kitten to older cat. It would take longer time as Blue must be first healed and completely healthy.

The kaleidoscope is a great pic, and of course kitties rock. Great post.

Thank you 😀
Glad you like them. Kittens are always sweet, aren't they?

Their giddy quirkiness is contagious lol. I just wish cats weren't so territorial. Foreign cat is a cat's worst enemy. Lol