Alphabet Hunt Challenge - Letter N

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Hello Alphabet hunters,

Another week passed and now we are searching for words that start with letter N.
The challenge is hosted by the wonderful and talented artist @barbara-orenya and if you wonder what it is about, go and check her post AlphabetHunt letter N and read the rules.

It feels good to start the post with my favourite letter N, because the first word I choose is me - Neli.


Me, in front of Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn in Bangkok. It is a place worth visiting. Impressive temple, I never seen anything like that before. Colurful ceramic pieces make it look like mosaic. Layer after layer they cover it all over and create different patterns.
I reserve the right to use Wat Arun when we reach letter W. I have so many photos from that temple.


The second word I chose is naughty and refers very well to our new kitten, Blue. After three weeks, the kitten is in much better state and becomes mischievous. We managed to save the plants from the other cat, but could we save them from Blue?



Thanks god she wasn't in mood of digging and gardening, just hiding behind the parsley and the strawberries.

The third word is nasturtium, the flower I started from a seed two years ago and it grows well each year. It is edible, but I never tried it. In fact I never tried any of the edible flowers. I prefer not to eat them but to watch them grow in my garden.



Next word is nibble. Such a nice word. Do you like to nibble?
My cats definetely do.


Blue nibbles grass.


Furry nibbles biscuits. Such a lazy cat.

I have to include bird in my selection and because I have no photo of any starting with N, I thought of nestling, which is a bird that is too young to leave the nest.



House martin feeding its very hungry and demading nestling.


And now we come to the last, sixth word. I thought of many that might not be used by others, but got nothing to illustrate them. So, I am showing also a nose. Sorry, I will use again one of my cats. It is Furry's light pink nose, while she was sleeping.


And that's all for now.


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Thank you for viewing.

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Great that you thought of your self to open your selection Neli 😊 and this temple is sumptuous, we will gladly meet it again at the W hunt ! 😁
I wonder why Blue is named Blue...?
I didn't know nibble...I like to nibble too ^_^
I'm glad you showed us a had to ! 😄

Thank you Barbara 😀❤
Blue was found dying outside next to a blue Peugeot. So, hubby named it Blue when he rescued it. Better than Peugeot 😆
I am glad you learned a new word from me. I like to nibble too.

Hahaha indeed ! Blue is greatly better !

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Great choices full of cuteness i especially love Naughty 😸 😸

Cats helped me a lot to choose the words 😀

They are a beauty of nature that always bring joy into your day 😸

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@johannpiber thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

Wonderful Neli 😀, if I would have known that cats can lead to so many N words, I would have thought different than I did 😉

The word naughty suits the Austrian"twin brother" of Blue very well too - curious as cats are and sometimes quite a bit naughty 😉

Your this week's hunt was really successful again, Neli, and you have found some nice original words and good photo illustrations 😀

Cheers and !BEER

Awww, cats and especially little kittens are naughty but always forgiven. They are like children, discovering the world.
I am glad you like my words and photos. It will be more difficult I think with the next hunt, but we will see.

Hey @nelinoeva, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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You are right, whatever they do, everything is forgiven a minute later 😉

I also thought the O would be more difficult, but actually it isn't - latin names of insects and flowers and a bit cheating, so I think I know which words I'll take 😁

Have a nice evening Neli 😀

Cheers and !BEER

Very nice kitty and cats helping you with your hunt!! Now they will ask for extra food and snacks! The nibble and nose look very good! LoL

Haha, they did ask for extra snack, especially Blue, who will jump on you and wake you up. 😄

Oh! That’s good! That shows Blue really trusts you like her mother!! Haha.

My cats would never dare waking me up! They are very careful not to disturb me! Cats are very considerate beings!! I just appreciate their honesty and gentleness!


Naughty looks so cute and cheeky i hope them two are getting on better 😸

Yeah, very cheeky. 😀
Both cats seems to be doing well together, hopefully the little one will not step the boundaries and annoy too much the other cat.

Haha , all fun to see they would keep you entertain i'm sure 😸

Naughty is a great choice. Blue and Furry are adorable.🐱 Lovely photo in front of the temple.
All wonderful selections Neli. 😊

Thank you Jo for your nice comment. I always think that naughty can be all little ones - kids, kittens, puppies. 😀

Hello, Neli, and that is one adorable naughty kitty, LOL! I should plant me some Nasturtium, they'd be great as cake decor for when I make cakes, or as a garnish to make salads looking more like a summer salad!. Are those yours? WOW, another great capture! Thanks for sharing your letter N finds, @nelinoeva. I enjoyed reading and viewing your article.
Have a wonderful week ahead, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thank you very much for your nice comment, @silversaver888!
The kitten is such a rascal, keeps us entertained. 😀
Yes, the flower is growing like mad on the balcony and comes with different colours.
Have a lovely week!

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