Alphabet Hunt Challenge - Letter O

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This is my #Alphabethunt post and we are searching words starting with O this week.

The challenge is created and hosted by the talented artist @barbara-orenya and this is the link to her post about it with the last winners - #AlphabetHunt letter O - And a summer break for the challenge [ENG-FR]. After this round there will be well deserved break as it is holiday time and we will resume the hunt of words on 27th August. Plenty of time to think about new words with the rest of the letters.

I don't know why I said to @johannpiber that letter O shall be more challenging. There are so many words we can use and just think about any that start with over- or out- and you can have full set ready to be posted.

However I have others in mind and here we go.



This is the Obelisk of Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmosis III, brought by the emperor Theodosius I in 390 AD in Constantinople to decorate the Hippodrome. As you know Constantinople is a former name of Istanbul and the obelisk is claimed to be the oldest monument in Istanbul. It was first erected at the temple of Karnak, Egypt in 15th century BC.


And because it was moved from its original place by the emperor Theodosius I, it is also known as the Obelisk of Theodosius.




Oatmeal for breakfast is the best start of the day. For me at least. I started having such breakfast every day to lower my cholesterol level. And I like it. Some may think oatmeal is boring, but not me. And here is my next word.




The bland oatmeal lacks oomph and I mix it with cinnamon, ginger and honey and top it with blueberries, nuts and dried cranberries. All that gives the oomph I need.




Olives are great addition to salads, but you can use them in meals as well. We all know how good the olive oil is and same can be said about the olives themselves,


Olives are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. The raw fruit is bitter and needed to be cured and fermented first. The only downside for me is the big quantity of salt used for their preservation.




My onesie keeps me warm in winter cold days and makes me feel cosy like I am wrapped with soft blanket. Once used for infant bodysuit, now the jumpsuit is quite popular among the adults.




Overcast is when the clouds cover the sky or like it was said in Wikipedia it is a defenition by the World Meteorological Organization meaning at least 95% of the sky to be obscured by clouds.

And these are my six words I chose to illustrate.


Thank you for viewing.

If you like to share your thoughts you can leave a comment.



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Hahaha first I thought the word "oomph" sounds like a newly created one 🤪
and as I googled it, here is what it gaves to me : the quality of being exciting, energetic, or sexually attractive. 😁 so I came back to your plate and thought it was a joke because I didn't find it sexually attractive, but after all, All tastes are in nature, as we say in french 😄
so I googled your whole sentence and then I understood the "energetic" part I didn't grab, as I only noticed the "exciting and sexually attractive" side of the word 🤭 🤣 I love this #alphabethunt thing also for the good laugh of the language gap !!

Haha, glad I make you laugh, because I was wondering how to make a good illustration of the word oomph. I found it in relation with food, like when you add something new to your dish or something extra to give that oomph to the whole meal. 😀😉
But it is such fun to find extraordinary words and the Alphabethunt is becoming each week so diverse and interesting. Especially for us, the foreigners, it gives new words to learn.

Exactly ! 😉 😊

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Very nice selection i will have some of that Oomph followed by some Olives thank you 😅

I am happy that you like it.😀
Thank you!

My pleasure you are welcome @nelinoeva 😊

That Obelisk is a great entry Neli and I love your other entries as well! I like oatmeal also but hated it growing up. My mom always made it thick where you could have a stick stand straight up in Talk about "stick to your ribs"..hee hee. I know some people love it like that and I do sometimes like it now like that. Our skies right now are quite overcast with a storm but hopefully I will have my post up later today or tomorrow morning. 😉

Thank you Dee for your lovely comment. ❤
I was lucky not to have oatmeal as a child. Perhaps that is why I like it now. 😀
We have clear sky with few fluffy clouds, but the forecast is for rain this weekend. Typical. 😉

I am looking forward to seeing your post and what words you have selected.

You're very welcome Neli! 🙂

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Well, I don't know either why you thought that the O would be hard 🤣 lol

Obelisk, what a great find, Neli, and this Onesie looks really cozy and warm - the right thing for cold winter days I believe 😊

I like overcast days more than too sunny days with blue sky, because photographing landscapes with an interesting textured sky is much better than a boring blue sky. Also photographing waterfalls is much better on overcast days 😁

Great #AlphabetHunt post before we begin the Summer break, Neli, now we have time to think for the following letters, as you said 😉
I wish you a great day and a wonderful week 😊

Cheers and !BEER

I tried to find unique words although some are used by others too.
It was fun to make the post. 😀
Have a wonderful week! 😀

Hey @nelinoeva, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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@johannpiber denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
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To find all 6 unique words would be almost impossible I think, because you need suitable photos or illustrations too, but you have found a few which nobody else will have, I believe 👍😁

... and you had fun making the post, what is most important 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

Very nice! I like one size best!! LoL

So busy! No time to play around!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Glad you like my onesie. 😉

Great selection i would really love a bit of that Oomph and i see you love your Olives as well 👍

We share same passion about food, especially olives. 😉

Olives i eat with tomatoes , Italian prosciutto and bit of oil and balsamic vinegar 👍

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