Alphabet Hunt Challenge - Letter **Q**

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Alphabet Hunt Challenge - Letter Q

It is the week of the challenging Q letter, we hunt words that begin with Q to illustrate with photos for the #Alphabethunt Challenge created and hosted by the wonderful @barbara-orenya.

Here is the link to her post - #AlphabetHunt, the quaint letter Q - and the winners of the lucky draw for the #P week.. [ENG-FR].

Q, like I said is challenging not because there are few words, but to find a way to illustrate them is what makes it tricky.

And here are my six words that I chose to present.


Quiche is a tart filled with savory ingredients. It is easy to make and very delicious.

This is our veraion of quiche with cheese, bacon, tomato and basil.





This is rose quartz named as such because of its pink colour. Quartz in general is most abundant mineral on Earth's surface.



A queue of people in front of the farmacy. We still have to enter one by one in small shops and to wear mask.

We are not very good in forming straight line when it comes to the queues. Sadly some forget to keep the social distance.



Both cats laying next to each other without fighting is what I call quiet time.
Blue, the younger one is always the one that looks for a trouble, but at that time both were tired.



Varna port, the quay in the far end is where shps are loaded and unloaded. I could not find a photo that shows it closer.



A pigeon quenching thirst directly from the fountain.
Next is how Furry is quenching her thirst, using her paw. She is such a funny cat.



So, these are my six words that begin with letter Q. It wasn'so difficult after all. I was tempted to use queen, but thought not, since many have it in their posts. Another word that I loved to use but got nothing to illustrate with is quidditch, the sport that Harry Porter loves the most. If you dig deeper you can find other extraordinary words that starts with Q.

Coloured dividers by @cryptosharon


banner created by @barbara-orenya


Thank you for viewing.

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Our kittens drink the same way sometimes 😁

I was thinking of a Quiche too, but I was too lazy to cook and my wife was not at home this weekend 😉

Great selection of Q words, Neli, wish you a nice Sunday evening 😊

Cheers and !BEER

Aww, isn't it funny to watch them drinking water? 😀
Wish you very nice evening, Johann!

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Yeah, our gray Onyx even drinks the running water from the tap 😁

Have a nice evening too, Neli 🤗

Cheers and !BEER

Superb selection love them all and now you have made me hungry looking at that yummy Quiche 🤭

Thank you! 😀
I have forgotten about the quiche, these photos are from my archive and I came upon while searching for something to start with.

It is amazing what we can find when we go searching through our archive aren't you happy you did 🙂

Such great Q words with great photos to go. Just enjoyed reading your hunt prizes. Quiche is for me the banner word for you this week. And the picture just made me wish I could jump inside the computer for a bit of the stuff. This is one of the words I had wanted to put in but my favorite bakeshop where I buy my Quiche Lorraine hasn't opened yet. But yours is definitely a better version. By a mile. I found the word Queue too. Love those pigeons and kitties Quenching their thirst. The pigeons especially. Good depiction for Quiet. All in all, a really good hunt for you this week. Well done.

Many thanks for your nice comment. It makes me more than happy to know that I made you hungry with my quiche. At first I thought I would struggle to find proper photos to present the letter Q, but once started, things just came in place.

Very well done @nelinoeva ! Quiche is the same word in french, and yours sounds delicious, even if I would eat it without bacon 😉
I love the way you illustrated quench, this is even better to see two different animals doing the same thing ! these are not very common shots, how funny is that you warned us at the begininning that Q was not easy to illustrate...😁

Thank you, Barbara. It was another interesting hunt and I enjoed it as much as the other weeks before.

Beautiful pictures as always @nelinoeva.

Thank you very much! ❤

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You really nailed this well Quiche mouth watering and Quench very cute good luck in the draw 👍

Glad ypu like them, it was not easy this time. 😀
But the fun is great to search and find the words, isn't it?

You are right i think everyone had a tough challenge this time i couldn't find the real fruits and veggies so i had to draw them all time consuming but was fun brushing up on my artwork 🙂

Oh, you draw them! You have hidden talent.

Haha , i surprised myself 😅

A great selection of Q words! Your quiche looks delicious and of course I love your quench photo of the pigeons! A very successful hunt!

Thanks Melinda, I always can rely on birds to have a photo that can help in the alphabethunt.

No doubt that you are a successful bird photographer! ❤️

How beautiful is the pigeon picture quenching its thirst! Was it taken only for Q hunt? 😊

Seems the world is no different regarding the queue, sadly there will be always some people who will break the rules.

Beautiful hunt and thanks to you for sharing some amazing pictures! @nelinoeva

Thank you for your lovely commment.
Actually the photo of the pigeon I took today and it just came handy for the Q hunt.

That's sweet :) ,, Have a nice day!

Ah such great Q’s ( my favourite is the cat putting the paw in the water. I love it when cats are interested in water... joyous stuff!

Furry loves water and we have no problema at all to wash her. She is so funny when she dips her paw in the water and licks it after that.
Always a pleasure to see your comment. 😀❤

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hello beautiful I would not know which one to choose all your Q I like
Happy week

Aww thank you ❤
Have a lovely week!