Alphabet Hunt Challenge - Letter V

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We are approaching to the letter V from the #Alphabethunt Challenge, hosted by tne wonderful artist @barbara-orenya. Here is the link to her post, opening the hunt for words that start with letter V. - #AlphabetHunt letter V- the winners of the lucky draw - and a glimpse at the end of the Alphabet 😉.. [ENG-FR]

And now, my six words I am happy to present.



Varna us my hometown where I live. It is situated on the Black Sea coast, which is very convinient as the beaches are so close.


Varna is a town with long history, being Greek colony in 6th B.C., Roman town and later part of the Bulgarian country. Remains from ancient times can be found in the central part of the town.

Interesting to know that there are few towns or villages in other countries named Varna too - in the USA, Italy, Russia, Serbia, Iran, Azerbaijan.




Verbena is delicate flower and it makes my balcony more colourful. Flowers are tiny and grow in clusters. They have nice violet heart shape. It can be found in other colours too.
Verbena is easy to look after and doesn't require any special care.


Video tape


Do you remember them, video tapes? Got so many that now are left and although the video recorder is still working, hardly I will use it. On this video tape my wedding was recorded. It seems not so long ago when I was renting films on video tapes...
Before the video tapes, there were...


Vinyl records


I still keep some, although I have nowhere to play. They are tucked in the cupboard and I have promissed a friend of mine to give her all my vinyl records when she will arrange a vintage corner in her house.
On this photo is one of my very first vinyl record with fairy tales. When I was little I used to listen to the stories recorded.




My mates from work playing volleyball. It was last year when we have the sport event and employees were invited with their families for a day out with games and entertainment. This year it was cancelled for obvious reason.




Some years ago I visited a distant relative in a village nearby my town. In their garden the vine was hanging from the top and the grapes were just started riping. I took the picture then and forgot about it until now when it came handy for the challenge.


And that is. My six letters that I found so easy. I almost have decided the next post with letter W how to be made. There will be plenty of words starting of W, that I may make a leftover post, but there is still enough time.

Till then! Wishing you lovely weekend!


Thank you for viewing.

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Hey @nelinoeva, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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Ahhh...the days of the Video tapes and the Vinyl records i still have a great collection of my vinyl records just can not part with them they were the days 😊

I wonder how many remember them. The vinyl records especially.

Well certainly the young generation wouldn't they are to high tech and face in there mobile phones 😅

Aha! Very nice collection of solutions!! You are very good at this game! I would never be able to do this!! Almost done! Then you’ll have to do Thai alphabets!! LoL

Haha, this would be such a challenge - Thai alphabet. 😀
It is not difficult but the last three letters woild be.

I am sure you could think of something like a magician pulling out rabbits from a hat!

Varna also means "otherwise" in Indian language 😀.. and reading few lines about this place Varna, I'm so excited to know more of this historic place.

The tapes, yes I still remember them, the memories are still fresh to me when my dad used to buy new released films cassettes and play them all day, back in 90's. That is nostalgic! 😊

Well done! @nelinoeva

How interesting, so you have Varna in your language. 😀
I am happy to raise your curiosity about my hometown.

I have no idea how many times we Indians speak that word in a day haha!

I gladly enjoyed that too :))

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What a challenge, it inspired to bring back beautiful memories, funny pictures and words.
I liked the flower, its colors and the video reflected my childhood, watching cartoons.

You are absolutely right. This challenge brought so many memories.
Thank you for viewing and leaving your comment!

@johannpiber denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
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I am sure many of the youngsters here will not know what a Video tape or a Vinyl record is.

These are great finds, Neli, as well as the other V words are very good - you had a very successul hunt again this week 😀

The Verbena is a lovely violet flower and I think last year we have had a similar one on our balcony.

Cheers and !BEER

Thanks Johann! 😀
These are rare objects nowadays. Glad I have them and could use for the hunt of V words.

Wishing you lovely weekend!

Hey @nelinoeva, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

@johannpiber denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@johannpiber thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

We still have a few records somewhere at my parents house, and also a few video tapes, but all the rest is now digital 😉
You are very welcome, Neli, I wish you also a wonderful weekend 🤗 ☀️

Cheers and !BEER

Whoopeee! This is such a great collection of V trophies. You went overboard on this one and I will say I like your words very much. I have to include Varna in my bucket list. Looks like a really cool and lovely place to visit. First time I saw this Verbena flowers and they are beautiful.

Now who can forget those video cassette tapes? This one brought back long forgotten memories of the time I was in the business of renting out video cassete tapes. That was back in the mid-80's. And those 33 rpm vinyl records. We still have those tucked away somewhere in our old family home ha ha.

And how could I have overlooked volleyball. This is a very good and unique word so as all your words save maybe for the last but those grapes sure look yummy.

Congratulations for a great and wonderful hunt. We shall meet again in the W! Stay safe.

Thank you very much for your lovely comment!
So you were in this business with video tapes renting, how amazing!
Yeah, those were the times when we were watching so many films on video tapes and there are some memories still recorded on them, trips, family events. I have transfered some on discs, but now the discs are outdated. 😀

Varna is a nice place to visit with lovely resorts very close to the town.

Each year our company had this special day for its employees. Except for this year. It was always great to spend a day out and to have fun with your mates in completely different environment.

W hint will be fun again, I am sure. 😀

Lovely selections the beach looks awesome and the vine with the grapes looks yummy i love grapes 😁

The beach looks not bad, but I prefer the ones outside the town.
Now is the best time for grapes, the autumn. There are so many different sorts to choose from.

I get what you mean they wouldn't be as crowded i guess.

We use to have a huge vine plant of grapes in our backyard as kids and i would be climbing it every grape season they were the black grapes so 😁

We used to help the farms when we were kids. I spent more time in the vineyards, but we were picking grapes for wine.

nice beach and you have been to greek

Thanks for viewing my post.
This is not Greece, but Bulgaria. Howevet, I have been in Greece long time ago.