‘D’ For Dunce Cap

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@barbara-orenya’s Alphabet Hunt has now progressed to the letter “D.” Check Here for more information.

The following are my six selections for Letter “D’ starting with the dreaded Dunce Cap.


Barbara and I had a chuckle about the Dunce Cap. In a comment I mentioned putting on my “D” thinking cap for the Alphabet Hunt - it wasn’t the Dunce Cap but it may help. When she translated Dunce Cap in her country, it was called Donkey Cap - another “D.”:)

Facts about the Dunce Cap

At one time behaving badly or not having your studies done would warrant the wearing of the Dunce Cap as punishment to humiliate the pupil. It would be something threatened by a teacher or your parents.

The wearer of the Dunce Cap would have to sit in the corner with the pointed Dunce Cap on for a certain amount of time.

The use of the Dunce Cap was phrased out in the Americas and banned from schools by the late 1950.


The Dunce Caps were made by rolling up paper into cone shapes. Check Here for more info on them.


One of the first flowers to come up in the spring - the beautiful yellow daffodils.



The abundant dandelions have many uses and are an important early spring food for the honey bees.

Dandelions greens can be eaten and a lovely wine made from the blossoms.


Dandelion that’s going to seed.




These two well behaved dogs were with their owners at the Montague Summer Days last year.

This friendly dog was at a garage. The bulldog looked fierce but was of a gentle nature.



The male grouse is starting his dance of love to attract the females.


I felt sorry for the little guy as he was trying so hard with his tail feathers fanned and the females just ignored him.



My sixth letter ‘D’ is the beautiful red dirt on P.E.I.


Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

All photos and text are mine unless sourced.

#alwaysaflower hosted by @dswigle

#amazingnature hosted by @adalger

Stay safe, sane and be well


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Courtesy of @derangedvisions


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Hope we not sitting in the corner with a "D" cap on right now... Good round up on the letter D, those Daffodils are beautiful along with the dancing bird strutting his stuff!

For sure Joan @joanstewart. I hope we are not being dunces where the pandemic is concerned and find a cure or vaccine soon.

Thanks for your kind comment. ❤️

Day 51 over here, everyone is starting to go stir crazy, hopefully that vaccine comes sooner than later they are talking of one year to eighteen months...

It’s been over 2 months for us. Everyone seems to be getting restless and I hope this pandemic disappears soon or they miraculously find the cure or vaccine.

In the meantime we must all work together to keep the virus from spreading. I’ve heard some horror stories of the damage it has done to the body even if one recovers.

People trying to feed undernourished are being stopped from running soup kitchens, those who have been doing this for years.

Since start of HIV/AIDS many children ended up orphaned, or have grandparents raising the young generation (now on Covid-19 hit list). In some homes children are raising their siblings and this is where feeding schemes came into fruition.

Entering our winter season under lock-down Non-Profit and Non-Government Organizations have to obtain permits to feed, which are not always forthcoming leaving a great big void in the feeding program.

Too many poor folk will go out seeking food, many do not keep distancing nor do they have masks, it is one of the most scary things I have ever witnessed in my 60+ years.

Dandelions - probably the most photographed flowers in Spring, at least in my opinion from the photos I have seen lately ... but I love these little yellow flowers in every stage 😉 ... and I have also thought of photographing daffodils, but not found any today.

This bolldog has his own beware-of-the-dog sign with his photo - cool ;)

Google translated grouse to capercaillie and I think ours are bigger than these, but I believe the dance is the same ;)

"Beautiful red dirt" - is that how you call your beach?

Very nice selection of D's, Jo, have a nice evening and a great weekend 😊

Cheers and !BEER

Thanks Johann😄. The grouse are called partridges sometimes. They mainly stay in the forest but come out to eat apples on the trees at the edge of the yard. There is a hunting season on them in the fall. I couldn’t eat them or want to see them shot.

The ploughed field of red dirt was taken near Souris - about 40 minute car ride from here. It was a few mile/kms further to the Souris beach front. The drive is quite scenic coming into the town as the road runs along the water.

Yeah, the dandelion was a given. I have lots of photos of them but love seeing them.

All our dirt is red coloured. I see why you though it was the name of the beach as it looks more pink in the photo. I miss the red soil when I go off Island.

Have a great weekend and stay well!


It was all my pleasure, you're welcome Jo 🙂

Here a partridge is something different from a capercaillie. We both are not hunters nor could we shoot them, so it does not really matter ;) but I could eat them though because I eat almost anything ;) lol

I love the dandelions too - at first the fields are yellow from them and then they turn white from the seeds - just beautiful.

I can imagine that it must look great to drive along the sea into the town. We also have some areas where the soil is red colored - that looks somehow beautiful but different from where I live, but when your whole island is like that you will certainly miss that red, I believe.

Wish you a wonderful weekend and very nice weather, Jo 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

I couldn’t shot the grouse. I feel quilty killing an ant.😊 but it’s necessary to keep them out of the house. I remember being turned off meat when I watched my father butcher a pig or a deer he had shot.

I do love the red soil. The soil here is red because of the iron content. It is great soil for farming.

Thanks for always being so supportive dear Johann. Have a great Saturday!

I feel the same, believe me, I could never kill an ant on purpose and if I notice that I accidently stepped on one I apologize.

Once, when we were kids, our father slaughtered one of our rabbits. We have never before watched him doing this, ripped the of course already dead rabbit out of his hand and ran away with it. Later we realized that it was dead. My mother cooked the rabbits, but she couldn't eat them, because she also fed them, but I can tell you that, although she didn't even taste what she cooked it was very delicious ;)

I can only say you're welcome Jo, have a !BEER and a wonderful weekend 🙂

I’ve never eaten rabbit but I know people do. It’s whatever one gets used to eating. I understand your mother not wanting to eat something she enjoyed feeding. I would feel the same if I had chickens.

Today turned out quite nice and it looks like a few more sunny days.Yay!

Thanks for the beer and other goodies Johann. 😊

OK, no more talking about eating cute animals, although I think only the baby chickens are cute, and I would never eat them ;)

Good morning Jo, I'm glad that your weather is nice and the sun is shining, because it was raining almost all day long yesterday and that wet stuff is still falling down from the sky ;)
The weather forecast predicted sunshine for today, but I think the weather god does not listen to the radio and he or she also seems not to know what the Sun in Sunday means ;) lol
But I don't mind - I'll have a lazy Sunday at home and if the sun should come out I'll go for a walk :)

Have a wonderful sunny Sunday Jo 🙂

Cheers and !BEER

Hey @redheadpei, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @redheadpei, here is a little bit of BEER from @johannpiber for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Stupid females just did not understand their happiness
Before them was a real macho :-))


He was a macho bird. 😄 I was afraid in his frenzy he would go out on the road and get hit by a car. Hopefully he and the ladies went safely back in the forest.

Cheers and !invest_vote

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Interesting Dunce Cap.
But my favorite is Dandelion and the dance, LOL, always imposing and important before a courtship.🙋

Thanks @truelovemom. Haha that dance is important before a courtship.

Haha ! our donkey cap is more like two ears of a donkey, hence the name I suppose :


I love dandelions when you can blow them and they fly everywhere ^_^
Thank you for your selection @redheadpei and have a lovely week-end !

Thanks Barbara! 😊 I think your donkey Cap was used for the same purpose as the Dunce Cap.

I only saw the dunce cap in cartoons or old comedies. In my language it was called the donkey chat.
As for the red dirt in PEI is beautiful. It messed up a pair a white sneakers but I did not mind. It also shows a gorgeous scarlet red in photos.

I’m glad you got to visit the Island @lymepoet.

It’s hard to believe nowadays that naughty children were made wear the Dunce hat and sit in a corner. I guess it would be better than getting the strap.🙂

Remember seeing a few movies when I was younger, with the scene of the troublemaker in the dunce cap. I went to a Catholic School in the middle of an urban area. Add vivid memories of a teacher throwing a book at me. LOL. The looking back now I will say the education they gave us proved to be solid once I hit college. I like the photo of the bird dancing, thought it was a unique choice for dance thanks for sharing.

Thanks for stopping by @dreamingirwin. I’m glad you the the dance one. 😊

Teachers could be pretty cruel back in the day, throwing erasers and pencils at pupils. I’m glad you reaped the rewards once you went to collage.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 5 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks dear Pix @pixresteemer!

Terrific D photos Jo! Wow..on those dandelions..it's like a sea of them and love that photo the most! 😊 💖

I'm glad you liked the field of dandelions Dee! 😊 It was nice to see people are really how important they are and letting them grow. 💞

Love seeing your Dunce cap and @barbara-orenya's donkey cap. AND I am so glad humiliation is no longer an accepted teaching method!
Beautiful D photos!

Haha melinda. I never knew about the donkey hat until Barbara mentioned it. Yes, it would be embarrassing for students to have to sit in the corner with either of those hats on. I'm glad that punishment has gone by the wayside.

I couldn’t find the photo of my brother and the hat we had him wear for his birthdays. It was more a donkey hat. 🤣

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