I say good day to everyone here. Hope you all are doing awesome. This awesome initiative is all about our engagement here on the blockchain.

We all know that here on hive, we need each other to survive as engagements is what keeps us moving on and strong on this platform and thats why I so much appreciate this challenge. You can find details of the post Here for more details.


Going about this is interacting with at least five(5) people on their posts every day and all you need do is follow them, comment on their posts and upvote.

For today, I have upvoted, followed, and commented on the following people's posts.


Communication is necessary to keep us moving.

Thanks so much for reading...
Till I come your way next time...
I remain your sugar lovey dovey @oredebby

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You are an extraordinary being dear friend @oredebby I really appreciate the support you give me
I wish with all my heart that success be with you

Thanks Jlufer. Keep hiving.

Thanks for the upvote, follow and comment. I really appreciate.

You are welcome. Wish I had more HP.

Don't worry, we will grow to have more.

Nice initiative @oredebby.
And you are the first

Thanks Liz