Tell the world, karma and favorable luck are the genuine course to acclaim and f ...

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Tell the world, karma and favorable luck are the genuine course to acclaim and fortune, not an ability, or all the more frequently the absence of ability, anybody holds.Friday

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 22 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Ooohhhh love sky photos.. I love full moon photos, but the half moon works just as fine 😉👍🏼

Gracias for liking them :) Have an amazing day!

On twitter you share the peakd link, but you do post it via @dbuzz? Pardon the question as I'm trying to figure out @poshbot 🤣😂

You can share any of the following links on twitter, and poshbot will pick it up.

  • Peakd
  • Ecency
  • STEMGeeks
  • LEOFinance
  • HiveURL

No tags needed, no special steps, just tweet as you normally do. If you use a link that is on Hive, poshbot will share it as a Hive comment for you, even if it was someone else that tweeted your post.

so cool 😎😎
PS. It worked.

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Good for you :)

Yeah. Just want to know how stuff around Hive work teehee 😁😁

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There is always something to learn here on Hive, hopefully, The Hive Guide would properly guide in the near future. :)

Thank you @themarkymark

You got a detailed reply :) I didn't know much about it. I usually share it from Peakd.

it worked 😉👍🏼 at least now I have an idea how @poshbot works 😁😁

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Need to #posh either, I didn't before and it didn't work :)

really? It seems there's update. I didn't #posh 'coz I usually forget 🤣😂

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That vould be cool I tend to forget, either, have to edit to add the # later. 🤣😂

#Karma is one of mankind's greatest gifts, as our mistakes are often met with barriers = lessons..

And the things we do right often result in ease, or at least more of it, even if it takes a while to transpire 😊


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