If you like to read, now and then need to look for new books, and regularly you ...

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If you like to read, now and then need to look for new books, and regularly you should discover new writers because your preferred writers will always write their next book.

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True. That's why I go for genres that I prefer. Haven't much of a favorite author 😉👍🏼 as long as the book entertains, I'm for it. If I really like it, I'll read the other books in the series 🤓🤓

Yeah it's the content of the book that makes an author being favorite 😉👍🏼
Reading maketh a full man according to Francis bacon :)

I think this is especially true for young people who probably don't have friends their age who can give good advice.

Reading non-fiction books from much older people when you are young is a HUGE plus!

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