Black and white (and finally some grey sky?) |🇮🇹 Bianco e nero (e finalmente un po' di cielo grigio?)

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Seize beauty everywhere!

Hey, my friend: thanks to be back on my blog! 🙏

A bit of gray finally arrived!

But not all the colors have gone out, on the contrary! The uniform gray sky, makes the colors stand out even more?

Here's a bit of red: my cell phone was literally attracted by this spot of color and almost took the pictures by itself! 😁



Day of intense piano practice: I promised @mipiano to publish my performance and I'm preparing it... with my (long) time, I'm seeing some results!


Here's to the black and white recalled in the title: for me, it's wonderful and I'm having fun!


I discovered (with fun) that "my" fitbit records a lot of activity, playing this score. The activity cataloged in @actifit that comes closest is the dance (of the fingers): I assure you that it is a workout worthy of note!

Translated with (free version)

Thank you for your time!

Any feedback from you is always very welcome!

If you glad, see you tomorrow? 🙏
A huge hug! 🤗

This is my #AutomaticWIN proof of activity: thank you, @AdventureReady and @wil.metcalfe for the lovely initiative!
Proof of AutomaticWind

How I achieved the AutomaticWin today...

Ita 🇮🇹

Car@ amic@, ci siamo: è arrivato un po' di grigio, finalmente!

Ma non tutti i colori si sono spenti, anzi! Il cielo grigio uniforme, fa risaltare i colori ancora di più?

Ecco un po' di rosso: il mio cellulare è rimasto letteralmente attratto da questa macchia di colore e ha quasi scattato da solo le fotografie! 😁



Giornata di pratica intensa alla tasitera: ho promesso a @mipiano di pubblicare la mia performance e la sto preparando... con i miei tempi (lunghi), qualche risultato lo sto intravedendo!


Ecco al bianco e nero richiamato nel titolo: per me, è meraviglioso e mi sto divertendo!


Ho scoperto (con divertimento) che il "mio" fitbit registra parecchia attività, suonando questo spartito. L'attività catalogata in @actifit che più si avvicina è la danza (delle dita): ti assicuro che è un allenamento degno di nota!

Grazie per avermi dedicato il tuo tempo!

Qualsiasi tuo commento, è sempre molto gradito!

Ci si rilegge domani? 🙏

Un caro abbraccio! 🤗


(All images in this post, unless otherwise indicated, were taken by me and are licensed CC0 by @amico.sports)

image.pngThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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Dancing, Walking

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ma che bellezza! Rosso come l'anima ma poi la suoni?

... e io che pensavo che l'anima fosse una intensa luce bianca!? 🙄😜

èÈda un paio di mesi che la sto studiando: diciamo che sto intensificando l'esercizio per poter pubblicare una mia performance che non faccia proprio schifo! 😂

Grazie per la visita, @armandosodano: un caro abbraccio 🤗 e un po' di !BEER 🍻

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That is a beautiful Japanses Maple tree you have there! They need to add a category in the exercise pics of musical instruments or vocal singing as both are quite the workout! Take care and send a link to your performance when you do it. Take care!

Well @elizabethbit, I found that I really have to do gymnastics with my hands to play the keyboard, especially for my left little finger which sometimes proves to have very little strength.

Thank you for appreciating the photography in which the color of passion (red) predominates.

I will certainly notify you when I will be able to record at least one performances that is decent enough to be published.

A huge hug 🤗 and some bit of !BEER 🍻



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Wow, wow, I can not decide what is more beautiful, the red leaves or the black and white Pianoforte 👌

They are both beautiful, each with its own peculiarities. Why choose, @mipiano? 🙄 Keep them both! 😜

A huge hug 🤗 and some bit of !BEER 🍻

You are right, seize beauty everywhere 🤩


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Nothing to do with your awesomesauce post above @amico.sports, but you're in spot #42 for this week's The Hive Engagement League 🏆 post by @abh12345. I'm sponsoring it with a 0.500 Hive @tipu tip. However, since the nodes are still a bit wonky after the hard fork, TipU (and others) are continuing to have issues, so I've sent the tip directly to your wallet. Happy Hiving!

Thank you very much, @traciyork! 🙏

Have a !BEER 🍻 and a huge hug! 🤗

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You're very welcome, @amico.sports! Awesome job with your engagement, and I'm sending a hug right back to you. 🤗 And cheers! !BEER

Thank you very much, @traciyork: you're so kind! 🤗

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