The Daily Highlight Reel...

in hive-193552 •  16 days ago 

Hello and welcome to the daily highlight reel where today's big adventure involved waiting in line.. and.. it wasn't at any government office..

Panic buying the cannabis? Look at that line to get inside..


The line moved fast tho and I was able to pick up a ounce of White Privilege.. I mean White Widow..


What a way to celebrate the first day of spring..


Time to smoke a joint and call it a day..


Peace out y'all.. Dave

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Hey dude!! WTF with the snow (insert 100x 'the finger' emoji). Glad you got your white privlidge widow tho.

How do you do the cross out like you did with privilege?

Like this jackass Dave ;) now, STFU have a great weekend!

Thanks.. STEEM HIVE on..

Happy Spring ❤ Stay healthy out there man. Nice to see you here at our new digs. ✌🏼🔥

Waiting in a line to buy weed seems annoying. Hopefully, you were high for the wait.
Glad you got some white privilege, lol.