The Daily Highlight Reel..

in hive-193552 •  13 days ago 

Hello and welcome to the daily highlight reel.. unfortunately I didn't get any highlights.. or steps until about 2:30..


That's actually when we were picking the dog up from daycare..


Then I saw something about Denver lockdown on the internet so of course I rushed off to Trees..


Damn... look at that line.. and the worst part.. I wasn't allowed to get in it.. they aren't taking anymore people today..

PANIC PANIC PANIC and not at the disco..

I only got about a ounce left so I guess that means I better switch to bowls for a minute to conserve..


Peace out y'all... Dave

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Supply issues... bummer. As of now we are on extra special lockdown or something like that. I fully support the effort and wish there was better testing in place initially, but it is what it is.

At least it's not time to scrape the bowl.... Yet.

Eff bomb on the rations ... yick! Enjoy the bowls man ✌🏼🔥