The Daily Lockdown Reel..

in hive-193552 •  11 months ago 

Good evening and welcome to another day of ignoring the lockdown rules.. first things first let's take Alaska out to play..


Then it was off to SONIC for a mystery shop..


Ok I guess I'm done being outside for a while.. time to relax with some Netflix

And smoke some weed..


Peace out y'all... Dave

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have fun :)

You didn't break the rules - walking your dog and getting food count on the essential list. :) Even buying weed does now! Did you see the meme that was, this is the first time if a cop pulls you over and asks what you're doing, the get-out-of-trouble answer is "just going to buy some weed, officer"?

It seems you are lucky as there is no millitary backing the lockdown

Lock Down and smoking Weed is a good combo ;)

Anything + smoking weed is a good combo..

alaska wonderful name

It's the only US state I haven't been to

Lockdown fun