My Actifit Report Card: May 26 2020

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Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesdays are Zoom Bible study day. This time, I decided to go out to my car in order to get away from our aged kitty who is very vocal. It’s hard to keep focused when she gets going and the car offered quiet and a nice and comfy seat too.

Afterwards, I was just barely able to pick up on the tail end of the Actifit moderator call. It always seems to happen at the same time as my other meeting, so I usually miss it.

After a coffee, we decided to work on music for Sunday service. We were wanting to do FB live to try to figure out if we could change the rate of compression they have. The conclusion is that we cannot 😔 It’s extremely irritating!

When that was done, we headed out for a hike. We had walked 75% of the trail and had stopped up at Towhee Ridge. Actifit-Lamb wanted to sunbathe on the picnic table. As you can see, she was ready with her blanket, stone pillow and sunglasses 😎

Whereas I know the sun felt good, I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she wouldn’t get a tan - ever! She did have a good time though!

After that photo shoot, @silvertop told me he needed my help. Apparently a bee had flown into his shirt sleeve and stung him. He had squished the bee and it turned out it was a black bumble bee. The bad news is he’s allergic to bee stings. The good news was that it didn’t entirely sting him. I got the little bit of stinger out that did get left behind. Fortunately it wasn’t enough of a sting to cause any issue! Whew!😳

I saved several snail babies today and here are some of the ones I moved.

That’s gonna be it for now. Keep on @actifit steppin’! Take care and have a good evening! 🤗😎👍🥰🐑🐌👣🎶🐝😴

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Beautiful snail pictures @elizabethbit
Nice to see. Have a good day.

Thanks @deepu7! You have a good day as well!

Thanks @deepu7! I have this thing for snail babies! Take care!

What does "rate of compression in FB " mean? Yeah, I am like Actifit Lamb. I love to stay under the sun, and I think that one cannot be tan enough... I think that I could always get tan-ner! You sure are a savior to the snails. Maybe you can make a sign for them along the trail like "Snails crossing" or "Save the snails" or "Watch out for snails" or something like that so that others can help out, LOL!
Have a wonderful day, my sweet sis, take care 🥰🌺🤙and lots of love and hugs 😘🤗

Compression when running live sound is like this: Mike calls me his 'compression girl' as I have pretty good lung capacity for singing and I am a true soprano. So when I hit high notes, in a perfect world, the sound person would have their finger on my channel's slider to bring the volume down during those times, and then when I sing in a lower registry, they might have to bring the volume up. Compression is a setting that can be set in sound to bring those levels down to where I might would sing in the lower registry so there is no sudden loud vocals above the norm. In other words, it compresses the sound to keep it even. FB has a serious compression setting in their FB live that you can hear even when I just first start talking. It's a heavy compression, and then once the instruments begin, everything is sort of muted. It really ought to be changed to a lesser setting as it really suppresses all sound. There is nothing we can do to alter it.😔

Unlike you, I don't tan.....I just turn red and stay that way, lol! I try to avoid sunbaking too much as possible. I love the snail crossing idea! Take care sweet sis and have a lovely evening!💕😘🤗🌸

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I was going to ask the same question that @silversaver888 asked. So, I will wait for your response to her. :=)

Hey @ronaldoavelino! I answered @silversaver888.....sorry but it's a bit of a book, lol! Take care and have a lovely day tomorrow!🤗🤗

I'm glad @silvertop is okay.

Me too. You just never know with a bee sting how it's going to go. Take care @emergehealthier and thanks for commenting!

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