My Actifit Report Card: May 27 2020

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Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by!

Today was a busy, busy day at work. You see, the lady who usually works on Wednesday and Friday with me is only working Mondays and Tuesday. The doc does exams on Wednesday and Friday. So that leaves me to do both sets of duties plus all the extra sanitation work because of coronavirus. I’ve been doing pretty good in keeping up and getting it all done. Lol, today, when I got to work, I wasn’t really ready for the oatmeal I had brought, nor did the protein bar I always keep handy sound tempting. Ironically it was around 4 pm when I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day! Not good, I know, but it is what it is. 😏

I got home and we headed out for a hike. Yesterday, our neighbor’s cat (the one who’s been over in Eastern Washington while recovering from heart related issues) had been spotted at another neighbor’s house way up at the top of our road just before the trailhead. Either my neighbor’s grown daughter had taken her up there when she went up, or the cat followed her up. Anyway, long story sort - the cat never went home. I was contacted by two neighbors who had seen it last night. I guess they thought I could go get her an return her home, but this kitty is shy and skittish and all the time we’ve been feeding her, she would never come close. So when I explained that all we could do was figure she’d go home. Not so! When we found her tonight, she would come towards me when I called but stayed her distance. I asked @silvertop to go get the daughter so she could get the kitty. I kept calling her and she’d follow. Eventually I stopped moving and she came to me. She let me pet her, so I made a move to pick her up. It went ok although she was squirming a lot. As I walked and carried her, we came to a house where the neighbors were out and they made a noise that scared her. She twisted in typical kitty style and nailed me with her claws and twisted out of my grasp. Darn!! Eventually @silvertop came back with the daughter trailing and we left her with the kitty. She wasn’t to keen to go to her either so we thought the fewer people around, the better, and we headed for home. So much for our hike! Plus I really needed to tend the decent scratches she gave me anyway.

So, poor Actifit-Lamb didn’t get her hike or her photo shoot! I needed to roast coffee for a customer and she begged me to be the assistant roaster. Here she is between our two roasters.

Then, she wanted to get up close to investigate how the fluid bed works.

I told her she couldn’t stay up there too long as her fur is combustible and it would be too hot soon.

Well, that’s gonna be it for now. The end of the day was so not as planned, but then there is always tomorrow!

Take care and have a good night!💤🌙 😎👍🐑👣🎶☕️🥰💪

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Cats are strange animals...

I have always had kitties as an adult. When I was a kid, my parents wouldn't let me have one. I can remember back a ways when @silvertop was working 2nd shift in Cincinnati, I would sit out on the small set of stair that led to the driveway each night around 11 PM, waiting for him to come home. I was kept company by my herd? of kitties as I had around 20 of them then. They would sit with me waiting. I have always loved pretty much all animals, but kitties are my favorite. I have many kitty stories. Take care and have a lovely night!

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Oh my, I can understand getting so busy that you forget to eat your snack or lunch. Oh BTW, oatmeal is my go-to lunch when I want to cut down on calories. It works for me every time. I quickly lose pounds replacing either my lunch or dinner with oatmeal (with non-fat milk, I add Splenda). Just sharing what works for me, this is not medical advice, LOL!
So you rescue snails and now cats who can't find their way home, hehehe. And goodness, actifit lamb my run her white attire roasting coffee beans, she may need an apron!
Have a wonderful evening, my sweetest sis @elizabethbit, take care 🥰🌺🤙 and lots of love and hugs 😘🤗

I have to admit, it is NEVER boring around here,lol! An apron.....that gives me an idea! Take care sis!🤗🤗💕🤗🤗🌸

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