My Actifit Report Card: July 14 2020

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Hey everybody and thanks for stopping by!

I didn’t have Zoom Bible study today but did have a discord moderator voice chat I’m not usually able to attend. It was nice to get to be on this call.

Afterwards, I did some stuff around the house. Soon after that, we got ready to head out for a hike.

This first pic is of a digitalis plant. I call digitalis plants like this one, a queen and her court. The queen is the tall one in the center and her court after the smaller ones, usually 4 in number, that reside of the base of the queen plant.

This next one shows the court up closer.

Then I asked @silvertop to stand next to the plant. Keep in mind he is on the uphill side of her.

@silvertop is 6’ tall! Look at how tall this plant is! Easily 9’ tall!!😳 We grow them big up here in the Northwest! 😎

Actifit-Lamb has a new pink blanket for relaxing in the forest. It suits her well.

Keith and Lynn own most of the property we have access to and recently added a couple of boxes by the benches they put in a few weeks ago. The boxes have a snippet of history about the wood they are made of and include paper and pen for you to write in-sort of like a guest book.

This is our entry into the book.

This last pic is of what I’m calling a second growth cedar as it’s huge!

It was a good day!😊

That’s gonna be it for now. Keep on @actifit steppin’! Have an awesome evening and take care! 🥰😎👍🐑💕👣🤗💪😊😁
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Very tall Foxglove plant, source of Medical Digitalis for treating certain forms of Congestive Heart failure.

I had read that back in the late 1800's they used it as a tonic for heart issues. I grows like crazy here and it's beautiful too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting @kerrislravenhill! Have a wonderful night!💕🤗🌼

And I wasn't sure of the plant @silvertop showed on his blog.

That is one of two varieties of stinging nettle that grows near us. I'm sure you probably know that in capsule form, it can help with allergies and hives. It's edible, but honestly, the time we picked it and was planning on cooking it, the amount of small insects that floated up in the water......well let's just say we passed on it. It's not really possible to eat it raw, although I used to have a goat who did! She had a mouth of steel! It does sting if it hits your skin. I stay far, far away from this stuff. Once was all it took for me! Take care sister, and have a lovely evening!

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Great stepping and what a tall digitalis plant, I don't think I've seen that before. Actifit lamb is looking really happy with the new blanket and am sure she enjoyed the hike too. Wishing you an awesome Wednesday ahead, enjoy your day :}

Take care my friend and have an awesome day!😎👍

WOW, that flower is tall!!! I thought that foxgloves were poisonous for one reason or another! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day that went very fast! And I love the last AWESOME photo of that HUGE tree!
Have a wonderful day, my sweet sis @elizabethbit, take care 🥰🌺🤙and lots of hugs and love 🤗💕

So imagine......Digitalis (Foxglove) was(and may still be used in some form or another) as a tonic for 'a tired heart' in the late 1800's. It's a heart stimulant. So all those little hummingbirds who love tube type flowers to feed on.......well I would think maybe that's what makes their little wings move so fast! It's amazing that nature has a lot of what we need. We've lost (maybe, maybe not) the knowledge on how to use it. Thanks for commenting sis! Have a wonderful night! Much love and hugs!💕🌸🤗

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