Weekend at Camping Menina and great hike to Farbanca

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We had a very active weekend at Camping Menina. It involved taking part in many different sports and activities. Along the way, we met some new friends who share the same passion for sports and outdoors. All in all, it was a great weekend.

Yesterday, on Sunday, the hike was officially on the menu. I started the day with an early morning 10K run, the full report will follow in a day, Then it was time to take part in a hike organized and led by the camping owner. He, Jure, is a great guy who took on a responsibility to lead a group of 85 people, from kids to seniors, on a hike to Farbanca mountain hut and a ridge above it. We as a family helped him by accompanying and encouraging the hikers. After we reached the hut we went all the way up to the spot which is officially called The viewpoint.

The total hike was around 9 kilometers long with some 550 meters of climb. Excellent!

This is the view that we enjoyed when we reached the top of the hike.

Here are some photos from the hike to illustrate it.

Puma was so brave accompanying us all the way. She was exhausted afterward. It was a hot day after all.

The starting point of the hike.

At some places, you needed to cross creeks and narrow sections of the path.

Our new friends, a great walker Ivana in front, behind her Jure with his daughter Špela. Kudos to Jure for leading us all safely through the entire hike.

The first part of the ascent was quite steep.

Our midway goal and the place where we had lunch, Farbanca mountain hut. Again, the lunch was prepared by the Camping Menina staff. it was delicious.

On our way up we passed this memorial plaque dedicated to the partisans of the Štajerski bataljon-

For how much longer will we walk?

The crossroads where our path crossed the E6 hiking trail on a section between Mozirje and Čreta.

The official E6 markation. My wife and I walked on this trail years ago.

Our group on the top.

Can we go back now?

It was a great trip!

I invite you all to visit Camping Menina and take part in all the activities they offer. Not to mention their very friendly and experienced staff, the swimming lake in the middle of the camp and delicious pizza and local food in their tavern. Beer is good too ;)

To make you want to come, here is a photo of the lake on Friday evening during the SUP water polo match that the children enjoyed immensely.

Hello from the muddy pools along the top of the path.

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A good weekend by doing things that you enjoy. Sports and lovely nature.


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