Quarantine Life Day 186 / My Actifit Report Card: September 16 2020

Good morning Actifitters!

There's been a typhoon which crossed the country, and it triggered monsoon rains affecting our country. It's been windy, and gloomy, with drizzles in our place.

We felt like our lives stopped since the quarantine, and about the numbers, it continues go up now at 29.7 million. United States has crossed 6.7 million, India reached 5 million already, Brazil is at 4.39 million, and Russia with 1.07 milion.

The new tally here in the Philippines shows total of 272k, with recoveries stuck at 207k range. Check the data here. Our province had steep climb to 173 total active cases, and there's a new case in our village.

Actifit Report

So I just reached 4,398 activity counts yesterday, lower than the past two days, and I didn't reach my goal. I did my chores, walking around, and exercises but might not be enough. In the afternoon, I did something, and took some rest as I need to.

Those days before pandemic.
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Daily Activity, House Chores, Walking

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