Quarantine Life Day 215 / My Actifit Report Card: October 17 2020

Good day Actifitters!

Our lives was way different now due to Covid19, like it was rewritten. For majority, particularly those who are staying at home, it became their normal life. I was thinking about the kinds of adjustment needed after the pandemic, when the world will eventually have zero case. It is what we are all looking forward of, but we are clueless what life would be like that time. For sure, many has their plans already.

Covid19 Cases

Worldwide cases is on its way to 40 million, and at this time, the total is already 39.67 million. About 27.2 million recoveries are already tallied. Increases was still observed from most affected countries: United States (8.2 million), India (7.49 million), Brazil (5.22 million), and Russia (1.38 million). Data available can also be found here. Philippines was overtaken again by Germany and Indonesia, but still has thousands of new cases, with total of 357k. Recoveries of about 295k is part of that total. Finally, the total active cases here in Pangasinan dropped below 400k, now at 367.

Actifit Report

I had reached my goal two days ago, but I only achieved about 4,000 activity counts today, which means I didn't reach my goal. I joined deaf teaching in the morning, as I usually do during Saturdays. I messaged my deaf student if he's available in the afternoon so we can teach him the lessons for the next chapter of the book, which we're able to do.

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