Quarantine Life Day 221 / My Actifit Report Card: October 22 2020

Good day Actifitters!

There's a mass testing which happened in the province but I am not sure who are eligible for the free SWAB testing. It was not made known until yesterday that this free testing has concluded. Pangasinan is among those most affected provinces so this is a good move to de-escalate the Covid situation.

Covid19 Cases

Despite the guidelines imposed by the governments, cases continue to surge as the total climbed to 41.58 million already. Still retaining their positions (though this is negative) with most cases: United States (8.49 million), India (7.7 million), Brazil (5.33 million), and Russia (1.46 million). Other data here.

Philippines has been tallying surges below 2k for consecutive days already. The current tally is already 363k, while the number of recoveries was up to 312k. After a huge drop was observed here in Pangasinan. Total active cases climbed slightly to 355.

Actifit Report

I feel bad that I fell short of 30 activity counts to reach 5,000 yesterday. I should have just moved some time but I don't bring my phone in some of my activities. But I had it when I exercised which included treadmill, stretching, jumping, etc.

I have been sitting most of the time in the afternoon working online, and watching TV. I am determined today to reach my goal.

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Daily Activity, House Chores, Treadmill, Walking

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