My Actifit Report Card: May 12 2020

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I played eighteen holes of disc golf in the morning by myself and a short nine hole round with my son in the evening.

This morning I rode my e-bike over to the disc golf course. It was just a bit cool but not raining.

The grass on the course was wet but it was a nice day to be out there. I scored around a plus two or three on the course depending on how you count some relief on obstacles that I took.

The flowering bushes were looking really nice on my e-bike ride so I had to stop and take this photo:

The new puppy is testing out all kinds of things and chewing on everything:

This happened today to my drive off the tee:

It is one of the hazards about playing around this course. Sometimes the discs can be hard to find when they land in tree like this.

I ended up throwing from about a meter to the right because I did not want to put my foot in the hole and straddle out. Officially I think I should have thrown from a point behind the tree on the line of play to the basket. (Or put my foot in the tree hole.)

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright lightsplasher & litesplasher.

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This flowers are so cute🌸😍 and your puppy is so beautiful🐶

Thank you. I've been taking a lot of pictures of the puppy recently. He's fun to get photos of.

The flower is very beautiful and has a color that is so beautiful in view ,, thank you for the various flowers that this mister ...

Thank you. There are a lot of flowers out this time of year.

Wow that is great photography and nice for cute dog. interesting article.
Thanks @lightsplasher
Have a nice day.

Thanks @goldcoin always good to hear. Have a nice day too.

I see those sharp little puppy teeth lol. Toes look out!!

Yes sir! He is getting a bit better about not biting as hard.

Nice post and the flower is very beautiful 👌😁