My Actifit Report Card: June 29 2020

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Honey we need to pick up the metal roofing panels for the woodshed.....😊
I don’t think they have any roofing out in lawn and garden.😯
Silvertop has had these panels on order for three weeks. Apparently they lost my order the first time, and they had to re-order......😯
Guys it’s always good to side trip to the garden center...the roofing goes much better!!!😇
So this evening is roofing.... I mean planting flowers!🥰
You can get your @actifit steps many different ways, and today is planting!😊
The lumberyard was packed, and Home Depot was also!
With the new statewide mask requirement to enter all businesses, it was nice to see most people were wearing there mask!
Just a bit of a hiking break, and some quality time with the Mrs.!🥰
Enjoy the great outdoors, even if it’s in your own backyard!🤗
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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Thank you my sweet @silvertop for helping with all of the dirt! 😘💕

You have a HUGE nursery! In the 3 years I have lived here, I think I've been inside our Home Depot only once. I currently am having some work done in the front of the house, but it is the contractor who goes to the HomeDepot to check out what he needs. Then I order them online, he picks some up, most are delivered. He is a one-man business and it has been a week that he's working on this project. Maybe I could write an article about it, LOL!
Have a great week, my friend @silvertop, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

That actually sounds like a wonderful article! Have you run into any people that don't want you to take their picture for a post? I've run into a few that absolutely don't want to be anywhere on the Internet, So I always ask first!
Then you find the ones that LOVE to be in a story, go figure my friend!!😀
Have a wonderful evening @silversaver888!!😍😍😀

He doesn't mind at all. But you are absolutely correct, if one is going to show a photo of another on the internet, it is always good to ask first.
Generally, if they are photos of children like when I wrote about a school fair, I just block or blur their faces out.
I do love and enjoy looking at photos of people from the community! The articles become more relatable and more personal. I also appreciate those who love and have no qualms about posting their photos and selfies. But I sometimes think that with the internet now and the freedom that people feel in expressing themselves, some may use their photos with the intent or subconsciously or unknowingly in seeking attention and attracting others in the guise of sharing who they are. In that case, it can dangerous and can be a disorder. This happens more here on Hive. On YouTube, it is seldom that you see faces of stackers.

Beautiful flowers at the florist. Nice to see pictures of you in town.

It was nice getting out my friend, and now the Mrs is putting me to work LOL😍
Have a good week.....Tuesday already.....How did that happen!!!😀

Lol it is Wednesday here 😀!
Have a good one too.

👍 awesome looking garden center.

This is our local Home Depot, they are stocked, and the Mrs has that gardening look in her eye LOL!😀😳
Have a good week my friend!!🤗

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